HUGE: President Trump Sends Letter to Corrupt Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger Respectfully Requesting He Address Known Invalid Votes in the 2020 Election

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By Joe Hoft
Published September 17, 2021 at 4:44 pm 828 Comments

President Trump has respectfully requested today that Georgia’s Secretary of State adjust the results in the 2020 election to account for illegible votes counted in the election.  

President Trump respectfully requested today that Georgia’s corrupt Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, adjust the results in the state’s 2020 Election results for a list of known ballots that are invalid due to not having the proper chain of custody documentation required by law.  Corrupt governor Brian Kemp is cc’d in the letter.

Here is a portion of the President’s message:

Enclosed is a report of 43,000 Absentee Ballot Votes Counted in DeKalb County that violated the Chain of Custody rules, making them invalid.  I would respectfully request that your department check this and, if true, along with many other claims of voter fraud and voter irregularities, start the process of decertifying the Election, or whatever the correct legal remedy is, and announce the true winner. As stated to you previously, the number of false and/or irregular votes is far greater than needed to change the Georgia election result…”

The President’s spokeswoman Liz Harrington shared the following on Twitter:

On Monday a hearing in Georgia will be held where concerned patriots will provide to the judge rationale for requesting the actual ballots under review in Fulton County.  This group will provide a list of ballots they have found issues with.  The fact that President Trump provides a list of 43,000 invalid ballots in the state, provides an indication of what may be provided to the court on Monday.

Raffensperger and his gang did all they could to steal the election in Georgia from President Trump and the American people.

Next step is to put Raffensperger in jail.

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