Mark Morgan: DHS Leaving 224 Miles of Texas Border Exposed to ‘Invasion’

Original article. This lawless administration continues to turn everything it touches into a disaster. Newsmax is saying right now that it is getting much worse.
By Eric Mack    |   Sunday, 19 September 2021 11:54 AM

Overwhelmed Biden administration border officials are now leaving 224 miles of the southern border in Texas unpatrolled and open for a “massive invasion,” a violation of Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution, sources told former acting Customs and Border Patrol Commissioner Mark Morgan.

“This is criminal,” Morgan, who served under former President Donald Trump, told Newsmax on Sunday. “The U.S. has lost control of the border in the Del Rio sector.

“This would not have happened under the Trump administration,” he added.

Amid a surge of an estimated 15,000 migrants crossing and gathering under a bridge in Del Rio – including Haitians fleeing unrest after the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse this summer – Biden’s Department of Homeland Security has forced resources to surge to the area, leaving 224 new miles of river border unpatrolled as the U.S. Border Patrol is pulled off surveillance to act merely as “processing agents,” sources told Morgan.

The exposure of those 224 miles is all a direct result of the recent flood of migrants, including Haitians seeking refuge, Morgan told Newsmax by phone Sunday morning.

“Article IV, Section 4 protects the states from invasion,” Morgan said. “It’s a massive invasion.

“What else would you call that: migrants unchecked, walking back and forth freely at the border. The federal government has stopped patrolling 224 miles, allowing thousands of migrants to come across.”

Under GOP Gov. Greg Abbott’s “Operation Lone Star” put in place this summer, Texas has activated hundreds of Texas Department of Public Safety officers to monitor the unpatrolled miles of the border, but Morgan noted they lack the “statutory authority” of the federal border agents reassigned to processing duties.

A call to the communications Texas DPS on Sunday could not confirm the number of miles left unprotected by DHS.

“If it wasn’t for Texas DPS, who knows what would happen?” Morgan said, noting public safety is being compromised by potential violence from masses of Haitians growing impatient of being processed as refugees amid the crush. “They could start patrolling the unchecked 224 miles, but they don’t have statutory authority to enforce federal law.

“We’re also hearing law enforcement are sending riot gear down amid fears of angry Haitians, and border checkpoints are being closed in Laredo as well, potentially.”

Also, Morgan noted, Texas DPS cannot handle the volume of migrants and is there merely to assist Border Patrol with law and order.

“How does Texas detain 15,000? Can’t do it,” Morgan said. “How do you detain a family? Can’t do it.”

State law enforcement can help when local drug and human trafficking laws are violated, but this ongoing crisis has a “state entity patrolling our federal border,” Morgan lamented.

“It’s absurd,” he said, estimating 50% to 60% of the U.S. Border Patrol, a “conservative number,” has been pulled off the line to aid in the processing of migrants under President Joe Biden’s catch-and-release policy.

The Texas DPS could not stop an illegal border crosser outside of arresting them for trespassing or some misdemeanor, Morgan said, warning of the “domino effect” on Texas DPS forces not doing their official duties of protecting Texas’ local communities.

“The cartels know exactly what’s going on,” Morgan said, saying the drug and human trafficking cartels are capitalizing on the swaths of the Texas border left wide open during migrant caravan surges. “There’s no doubt in my mind drugs are pouring through the border, along with illegal aliens.”

Del Rio is being recently exposed, according to Morgan, because it was an area noted by the Trump administration as being in need of significant infrastructure improvements to secure the border. Those improvements have not been made.

“No one likes to hear it, but the Border Patrol does not have a statutory humanitarian mission,” Morgan said. “It is a law-enforcement border security agency, and that’s what they are appropriated for.

“But they are doing nothing more than processing and transporting aliens – leaving our borders wide open for the smugglers to push drugs, criminals, and gang members across our borders.

“We are witnessing history – we have lost control of our U.S. border in Del Rio, and the state of Texas is now doing the job of DHS, responsible for our homeland.”

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