“IMPEACH 46” – HUNDREDS OF PROTESTERS Greet Joe Biden in El Paso In His First Visit to Open Border (VIDEO)

Original article. Even though we know he is not calling the shots, I think he will still hold the record for the most destructive administration in the history of our country. Demos are good at putting on a good show. The question is: Is anyone fooled by this? BorderSecurityCoalition.com. Will we be able to stop this invasion BEFORE our country is completely destroyed??? Perhaps with the Tremendous Twenty standing up for We The People in the House of Representatives, we will have a chance.
By Jim Hoft
Published January 8, 2023 at 9:27 pm 365 Comments

Protesters greeted Joe Biden in El Paso today during his first visit to the open US Border.

Since Joe Biden took over the White House the southern border has been wide open to illegal aliens. Over 5 million illegals have already crossed into the US during Joe Biden’s watch.

Democrats are done with America.
This is the purposeful suicide of the country they despise.

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The fake news won’t report on this.


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