Is Maricopa County removing your “NO” vote?

Recent reports of the current election have shown multiple ballots sent out by Maricopa County Elections office, show this all mail-in ballot, yes even dropping your ballot off at a polling center is still considered mail-in, has serious flaws. Convenient of just poor plaining but if you vote no on any ballot item you can clearly view the selection with a $2.99 scorpion light or a LED flashlight!

We had a few voters send us some images and we checked it ourselves! If you voted “yes” then that selection is blacked off by a black bar overlapping the vote when folded and placed in the envelope. But a no vote is clearly seen by all. We highly recommend putting a piece of thick paper like non-see-through construction paper to avoid this potentially lost or undelivered no vote. We used a very cheap $2.99 scorpion light and a LED flashlight and viewed this through the supposedly secured voting envelope. I think it looks extremely secure. 

Stephan Richer what are you doing? Looks like you’re planning on an all-county passing of the bonds!!