It Begins… Elites Discuss Redefining “Booster” Since They Are Not Sure How Many “Booster” Shots Will Be Demanded of the Population

Original article.  Someone should chronicle all of the “misinformation” surrounding CoVid and related subjects.  I think it would be a multi-volume document.  The truth is much easier to remember and would produce a more sane approach to this debacle.
By Jim Hoft
Published November 15, 2021 at 12:45 pm  606 Comments


Trust the Science.

You just knew this was coming.
The regime is now concerned about using the word “booster” to describe the number of vaccine shots they will force on the population.

The CDC already changed the meaning of the word vaccine earlier this year.

Now the medical tyrants want to redefine or rethink the use of the word “booster” because they are still not sure how many booster shots will be needed before Dr. Fauci claims the pandemic has ended.

Via Bloomberg.

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