Jim Jordan: FBI Is Infiltrating Catholic Parishes – Agents Engaging in Outreach with Catholic Clergy to Inform on Americans Practicing Christian Faith

Original article. If you had any doubt that our FBI has turned Communist, this should eliminate all doubt. One would think they would have first done this with Islamist mosques that are known to support terrorists, Maybe they did and that is where they got the idea. If so, some education is needed.

By Jim Hoft, Apr. 10, 2023 3:00 pm, 1636 Comments

This changes everything. This is what happens in China not the US!

Chris Wray’s FBI is now infiltrating Catholic parishes. 

The FBI agents are engaging in outreach to Catholic leaders to spy on Americans practicing their Christian faith.

This is an earth-shattering development in the US intelligence community.  We already knew the FBI-DOJ was targeting traditional Catholics.  Now we have evidence they are infiltrating Catholic parishes.

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Chris Wray’s FBI sent out a memo warning agents of the dangerous ‘radical traditionalist Catholic ideology’ that was gaining popularity in the country. The memo was posted at UncoverDC.com by former FBI special agent Kyle Seraphin.

Seraphin last year was suspended indefinitely from the FBI without pay after stepping forward as a whistleblower and alleging that the FBI is trying to hide how many man-hours they used on the Jan 6th investigation. Seraphin had worked at the FBI’s Richmond office for six years.

Now the FBI is infiltrating Catholic parishes!

Dear God, what has happened to our beloved freedoms?  What has happened to our country?

Chairman Jim Jordan of the House Judiciary Committee published the letter he wrote to FBI Chief Chris Wray earlier today.

Here is the full letter.

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