Louisiana State Rep. Jeremy LaCombe is Third Democrat to Switch to Republican Party in a Month

Original article. Apparently, Laura (see last Tweet) thinks the Republican Party uses the same tactics as the Democrat Party. As with most Demos, they are willfully ignorant; “informed” by Left Stream News (aka Fake News). Going from “woke” to awakened must be a very refreshing experience; from destroying our country to restoring it, etc. Rep. LaCombe, welcome to the party.

By Mike LaChance Apr. 10, 2023 9:50 pm342 Comments


Louisiana state Rep. Jeremy LaCombe is leaving the Democrat party and registering as a Republican. He is the third Democrat to do so in just a month.

North Carolina State Sen. Tristan Cotham switched to the Republican party just last week.

The Democrat party is becoming too radical for even some Democrats.

FOX News reports:

Democrats dealt another blow: third lawmaker leaves party, switches to Republican within a month

Democrats were dealt another blow from within their own ranks this week as yet another state lawmaker declared he was leaving the party.

According to a Monday report by The Advocate, a Louisiana-based newspaper, state Rep. Jeremy LaCombe announced he had left the Democratic Party and would be registering as a Republican.

It was not immediately clear what prompted LaCombe’s departure, however he is now the second Louisiana Democrat in less than a month to switch party affiliations, and the third nationwide after another state lawmaker in North Carolina did the same.

Last month, Louisiana state Rep. Francis Thompson gave Republicans in the state House a supermajority after he switched his party affiliation, and earlier this month, North Carolina state Rep. Tricia Cotham gave Republicans in the state House a supermajority with her switch as well.

The switches come as President Biden faces a near-record low approval rating among key groups, including women (43% now vs. 42% low), voters ages 45+ (41% vs. 39% low), suburban voters (41% vs. 39% low), rural voters (31% vs. 30% low) and Democrats (81% vs. 78% low) – Democratic men in particular (79% vs. 78% low), according to a recent Fox News poll.

Doesn’ three people make this a trend?

The GOP should encourage more Democrats who are not comfortable with their party to do this.

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