Joe Biden the Killer: He Abandoned Americans in Afghanistan, Turned His Back on Our US Allies, Was Responsible for Slaughter of 13 Servicemen and Women, and Now He’s Willfully Killing Texans and Floridians

Original article. This does not even mention killing 7 innocent children plus adult allies in a drone attack.
By Joe Hoft
Published September 17, 2021 at 7:00 am 1073 Comments

Today Joe Biden decided to roll forward with his America-hating policies that ended in the deaths of 13 soldiers in Afghanistan.  Biden decided to go for it within the continental US as well. 

We all watched as 13 young and beautiful American soldiers were murdered in Kabul at the hands of suicide bombers.

At the same time Biden left behind thousands of Americans in Taliban-led Afghanistan.

So what does Biden do for an encour?  He goes rogue on Red States and slashes lifesaving COVID treatments in their states.

This guy will totally destroy America if he gets his way.

** End **