Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Collapsing Even In Blue Massachusetts

Original article.  Apparently, lying, deceiving and projecting DOES have its limits.
By Mike LaChance
Published May 4, 2022 at 1:17 am  306 Comments


Joe Biden’s approval ratings are even tanking in the liberal stronghold of Massachusetts.

For a Democrat to fail there, they have to be spectacularly bad, and Joe Biden fits into that category.

Are Democrats paying attention yet?

The Daily Mail reports:

Biden’s approval sinks to 46% in deep blue state of Massachusetts that he won with nearly two-thirds support from voters in 2020, the latest dire poll shows

Massachusetts voters have soured on Joe Biden as a new poll shows that the president’s approval is dropping even in states where he won by the biggest margins against Donald Trump in 2020.

While the deep blue state has a higher approval rating for the president than the rest of the country, it is still only at 46 percent, according to a Suffolk University/Boston Globe poll released Monday. Biden’s disapproval is around the same, giving him a near tie in favorability in the New England state.

The poll surveyed 765 registered voters surveyed and just two more said they disapproved than approved for a split of 354 to 352.

The president’s approval now is 20 points lower than what he earned in the presidential election in Massachusetts.

Specifically, unenrolled voters, which make up the largest voting block in Massachusetts, have only 39 percent favorability of Biden while 52 percent disapprove.

Unenrolled voters means that while they are registered to vote, they are not officially affiliated with any political party. It is essentially the same thing as an ‘independent voter,’ although they can vote in primary elections in Massachusetts by choosing which ballot they prefer to vote on – either Republican or Democratic.

When a Democrat starts losing the people of Massachusetts…

Democrats should be deeply concerned by this.

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