The Rise of the NEW RIGHT: President Trump Goes 22 and 0 on Tuesday Night in Ohio and Indiana

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By Jim Hoft
Published May 4, 2022 at 7:00 am  75 Comments

President Trump had a good night on Tuesday.
The 45th President went 22 and 0 in Tuesday’s primaries.
22 Trump-endorsed candidates won their primary races!

We are witnessing the rise of the New Right!

🧐 CONGRATULATIONS to the 22 #Republician candidates in #Ohio
#Indiana, who WON their #primaries!👏

ALL 22 were ENDORCED by president #Trump 🎯

Add the 33 endorcements from #Texas in March, & Trump is 55-0! 😲#TrumpEndorsedCandidates

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— Bannon’s War Room 🔥 (@Bannons_WarRoom) May 4, 2022

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake weighed in.

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