Liars, hypocrites and terrorists

From an author who knows them so well!  I agree with this author that we must pay close attention to what the Left is doing right now and amplify what they are saying to our country.  Overturning Roe v. Wade did nothing to hinder a citizen’s “right to reproduce”!!!  It only hinders a person’s evil propensity to torture (dismember) and kill the most innocent and defenseless humans beings among us.  The very fact that they demand that the law legalize such evil actions tells you everything you need to know about them.  Our country must understand this!!!


Pay close attention. 

The United States Supreme Court is poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, and the Left is showing the American people exactly who they are.  

They’re liars, they’re hypocrites, and they’re terrorists. 

They’ve convinced half the country that abortion for any reason has something to do with “healthcare” or “human rights.” 

They’ve violated the Supreme Court in an attempt to stop the decision – and they’re showing us just how many rules they’re willing to break so long as they get their way.  

They’re trying to bring the democratic process to a screeching halt while January 6th demonstrators rot in prison on false and trumped up charges because Leftists claim they did the same. 

And mark my words, they’ll use this leak to push for packing the court and abolishing the filibuster. 

Senator Elizabeth Warren and Congresswoman Cori Bush are already leading the charge. 

Supreme Court Justices are able to change their decisions up until the very last moment, so none of us can say for certain what the future holds… 

But what I can tell you is that the Left you see today, subverting our institutions, perverting our rule of law, brainwashing our citizens and shredding our Constitution, is who they’ve always been. 

The Freedom Center has warned the American people about who they really are, what they really want and what they’re willing to do for their agenda for 30 years now. 

For years, we influenced some of the most influential political players in the country – and for years, other so-called “conservatives” dismissed everything we said. 

They insisted the Left loved America too, and just disagreed with us on policy. 

That’s exactly how abortion went from “safe, legal and rare” to a “reproductive right,” that at least 1 in 4 women has used. 

Now, there’s no denying the Left’s nature or their intentions, and our mission will be especially crucial. 

I hope you’ll stand by us like you have so many times before, and help us do what we do best. 


David Horowitz