The Most Popular President in US History?… Here’s Ohio Democrat Tim Ryan’s Response When Asked if He Wants Biden Campaigning For Him Says it All (VIDEO)

Original article.  Note the rapid change in expression from smile to panic when Joe Biden is mentioned.
By Cristina Laila
Published May 4, 2022 at 9:57 pm  Comment


Trump-endorsed J.D. Vance won the GOP Ohio Senate primary Tuesday night.

J.D. Vance will face Democrat Tim Ryan.

Tim Ryan tries to portray himself as a “Trump Democrat” because he knows Joe Biden is not popular in Ohio.

Joe Biden isn’t popular anywhere, but the media tries to act like Bidenmania is a thing – It’s not.

Tim Ryan on Wednesday morning was asked if he wants Joe Biden campaigning for him and his answer said it all.


President Trump had a good night on Tuesday.

The 45th President went 22 and 0 in Tuesday’s primaries.

22 Trump-endorsed candidates won their primary races!

Via Newsmax: After J.D. Vance secured GOP nomination in the primaries, former President Donald Trump ran his 2022 endorsement record to 55-0.

If Biden is so popular and won 81 million votes in 2020, why doesn’t any Democrat candidate want him campaigning for them?

The last Democrat Biden campaigned for in November — Terry McAuliffe — got shellacked in Virginia.

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