Original article. The mountains of evidence continue to grow while Fake News reports “the most secure election…” Why does anyone still listen to Fake News? And, their drop boxes have already been declared illegal. What does that do to the election results?
by Summer Lane August 2, 2022

Photo: Alamy

A new report from the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) has identified ten cases of voter fraud that have been referred by local clerks, according to a report from Just the News.

Additionally, a new report from the Wisconsin Elections Commission included a list of counties and elections related to suspected fraud, irregularities, or violations of election laws. Waukesha County, for example, was listed as having submitted a report of voter impersonation in May 2021, pertaining to the 2020 general election.

Just the News reported that the WEC’s memo also revealed that 73 criminal voter fraud referrals were made between 2021 and 2022 across several races in different counties.

The WEC noted in their report that the information disclosed provided the legislature “with four key pieces of information: date on which the Commission received information from the municipal clerk about the referral, the county in which the referral was made, a brief description of the suspected election fraud, irregularity or violation, and the election during which the event occurred.”

The WEC’s latest memo also emphasizes potential illegalities between May 2020 to June 2022, citing reports of individuals allegedly voting twice in person or via mail, improper residential addresses on voter registrations, voter impersonation, and even a report of felon registration.

The WEC also stated in their report:

“Pursuant to the requirement contained in Wis. Stat. § 7.15(1)(g), the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) submits to the Wisconsin Legislature the following report of ‘suspected election fraud, irregularities or violations’ based on information submitted to the WEC by municipal clerks. This report is submitted to the chief clerks of each house of the Legislature per Wis. Stat. § 13.172(2).”

Wisconsin has recently garnered national attention for deeming absentee ballot drop boxes illegal. In early July, the Wisconsin State Supreme Court ruled that the drop boxes were illegal, due to their conflict with standing statutory regulations requiring individuals to return their ballots in person or by mail to a local clerk’s office.

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