MUST SEE! UK’s Winston Marshall Gives Nancy Pelosi a Proper Spanking at Oxford Union – Calls Out Joe Biden’s Dementia – Nasty Nancy FINALLY Receives the Public Humiliation She Deserves! – VIDEO

Original article. People who are impervious to Pelosi’s garbage rhetoric see her and Resident Biden as a joke. However, even in this informed environment, she still attempts to spill her lies. And, there is applause because not all of the audience is as informed as this young man (hopefully American knows the truth about J6 by now. For in depth prof of Pelosi’s involvement in J6 see GOVERNMENT COUP EXPOSED – JANUARY 6TH – FEATURING IVAN RAIKLIN – EP.288). This 20 year old informed student exposes who she really is and puts her in her place. Can you imagine the difference it would make if our leaders were as informed as this young man? Note the big smiles and enthusiastic applauses of the man sitting behind and to the right of the speaker.

By Jim Hoft, May. 11, 2024 10:20 am, 1224 Comments

It took some young bloke named Winston Marshall at the Oxford Union to finally hand Nancy Pelosi the public spanking she deserved.

Nancy Pelosi and her husband took a break from their insider trading to attend a public debate at the Oxford Union in Oxford, England. The Oxford Union is a highly esteemed debating society and is one of Britain’s oldest university unions founded in 1823.

Nancy and Robert Pelosi attended the Oxford Union debate on April 25 on populism hours after she was interrupted by pro-Gaza protesters from Youth Demand who support Gaza militants and want to put an end to fossil fuels.

It was during this debate that Pelosi was finally given the proper public thrashing she deserved by one of Britain’s rising stars, Winston Marshall.

Winston Marshall is a popular writer, musician and podcaster. Marshall was part of the British folk rock group Mumford and Sons where he was lead guitarist and won a Grammy and two Brit Awards. Marshall was forced out of the band after posting a tweet saying journalist Andy Ngo was “brave” for his book which says far-left activists have “radical plans to destroy democracy”.

Winston Marshall participated in the debate on populism and its perceived threat by the global elites.

During his speech Pelosi rudely interrupted the brilliant young mind to argue that the violent and costly month-long protests and attacks on the City of Portland were not as devastating as the Jan. 6 protests and riot.

We now know that Nancy Pelosi was largely responsible for the violence that day. She refused to sign off on President Trump’s order days before the protests to bring in the National Guard to Washington DC. Pelosi and military leaders then refused to bring in the National Guard on January 6th until past 5 PM. Instead, Pelosi bizarrely organized a film crew to come in and follow her around that day.

Pelosi’s rude interruption did not stop Winston Marshall from giving her a proper public thrashing.

This will be the best video you watch all week!

See the original article for the transcript of the speech.

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