Dr. Wolf Raises Alarm Of U.S. Birthrate Hitting Record Lows After Mass mRNA Vaccination Campaign

Original video (see comments there). Multiple problems, all caused by the bioweapon. Please listen to the entire report and look at the evidence. Where are the agencies that are supposed to protect OUR Country? Steve Bannon is planning more for this “Civilization Ending” issue on the Monday program.

On Dr. Wolf’s website (DailyClout.io):

  1. 10/26/22: “ALARMING Drop in Birthrates and Fertility Among MRNA Vaccinated Women
  2. 11/07/22: “Infertility Concerns, Dropping Birth Rates: A Million Missing Babies in the European Union
  3. 12/20/22: “COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Affects Jewish Marriages and Fertility — DailyClout.io Launches a New Investigative Series

Bannon’s War Room, 991K followers, Aired On: 4/27/2024

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