NEVER FORGET: McCarthy Helped Sabotage MAGA-Favorite Rep. Cawthorn’s Re-Election in Effort to Purge Loudest Pro-Trump Lawmakers

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By Jim Hoft
Published January 4, 2023 at 2:15 pm 299 Comments

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy helped sabotage Rep. Madison Cawthorn’s re-election campaign as part of an effort to purge the loudest pro-Trump lawmakers, according to a new report.

McCarthy allies attempted to hide the effort to sabotage MAGA Republicans, according to a report from the Washington Post.

“GOP lobbyist Jeff Miller, one of McCarthy’s closest friends and biggest fundraisers, and Brian O. Walsh, a Republican strategist who works for multiple McCarthy-backed groups, were both involved in an independent effort to oppose Cawthorn as part of a broader project to create a more functioning GOP caucus next year,” the Washington Post reported. “The allies close to McCarthy have sometimes taken steps to conceal their efforts, as they did in the Cawthorn case, with money passing from top GOP donors through organizations that do not disclose their donors or have limited public records, federal disclosures show.”

The aim of the secret operation, according to the report, was to weed out Republicans “who could either cause McCarthy trouble if he becomes House speaker or jeopardize GOP victories in districts where a more moderate candidate might have a better chance at winning.”

A GOP operative, speaking to the paper on the condition of anonymity, said that “McCarthy is a political animal, and he has a lot of political animals working for him. … He is not a guy to be trifled with. It’s like they say in the Marine Corps, ‘No better friend, no worse enemy.’ And they mean it, and they act on it.”

In May, Cawthorn lost his primary after a massive effort, apparently from both parties, to smear him and surround him in scandal.

Following his defeat, Cawthorn’s spokesman Micah Bock appeared on Newsmax and blamed the loss on the dark money flooding into the state to take him out.

“I think there is about 2 million reasons on why he lost the election last night. And those reasons are every single dollar of dark money that flooded into his district from donors from outside of NC-11,” Bock said. “Specifically $300,000 the flooded into the district through a North Carolina federal senator.”

“So if you want to talk about the reasons why young conservative politicians may not stick with the norm of the establishment viewpoints, why they may get the stick more often than not, you have to look at where the establishment is sending their money,” Bock continued. “And unfortunately in this case they sent that money to silence a young conservative voice.”

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