Patriots, your help is requested Fri & Sat 11/25 & 26 for the #AZRevote drive. We will not bow down!

Prayer and Protest events are planned for Friday and Saturday Nov 25th & 26th beginning at noon. Please show up with signs/banners as described below to the locations listed below. Your help is needed! And, please spread the word via social media, emails, phone calls, etc. Remember, this post can be shared to Facebook and Twitter via the buttons at the bottom. You can copy/paste for emails.

This is now growing and we will have two primary pushes – The Drive awarness on overpasses and the Friday the 15th Protest at the capitol.

Specific for this initial push of #AZRevote campaign:

#AZRevote Friday Protest:

Meet at the capitol at 9 AM BLACK FRIDAY, Saturday and beyond, and let your voice be heard peacefully, prayerfully! We have many big names coming to speak We will put up here once confirmed today. Who we do have confirmed are Joe Oltmann & Friends, David Clements, Pablo Martinez, Liz Harris, James Knox, Michelle Dillard, Shiry Sapir, Gail Golec, Can-Con and many more!

#AZRevote Overpass Campaign:

  1. We will organize to have the troops out in forces with banners for Noon Friday the 25th and Same time Saturday the 26th. (See locations suggested below.
    1. Banners can be made from cheap painter tarps spray paint block letters #AZRevote
    2. Any repurposed yard signs the same to be placed by malls for the Black Friday push
  2. The campaign should include praying for our state and judges and be peaceful
  3. Recommended locations (please feel free to add and recommend changes)
    1. Maricopa County Sites
      1. Broadway & I-10
      2. Mill Ave & 60
      3. Baseline & I-10
      4. Country Club & 60
      5. East Williams Field Rd. & 202
      6. N. 7th St and I-10
      7. N. 7th Ave & I-10
      8. N 67th Ave & I-10
      9. Greenway and 51st (Piestewa Freeway)
      10. Bell and 51st (Piestewa Freeway)
      11. Bethany Homes Road & 17
      12. West Rose Garden Ln & 17
      13. N Priest & 202
      14. E Thunderbird & 101
      15. Carefree Hwy & Cave Creek Rd (No overpass)
    2. Tucson Area
      1. I19 and Irvington Rd
      2. I19 and Valencia Rd.
      3. Cordero Farms Rd and I10
      4. Twin Peaks Rd and I10.

Same image in all caps: