Political Shenanigans (multipart post)

How is it that they can pass this bill so fast, including the Hobbgoblin signature, and have yet to pass one of the twelve Rep Liz Harris’ Election Integrity bills who they illegally expelled? Doesn’t this speak volumes to We The People of Arizona???

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Laura Loomer Talks Republican Politics with Steve Bannon

Original article. MUST WATCH!! It appears to have surfaced in the CA GOP, but that is not the end of it.

July 7, 2023 | Sundance | 59 Comments

An awful lot of the people who live in a world of affluence and influence afforded by professional republican politics do not like Laura Loomer.  However, what she had accomplished with sunlight on their backroom operations deserves a lot of respect.

Earlier today Laura Loomer appeared on the Steve Bannon podcast to review the California scheme to shape the primary delegate distribution. {Direct Rumble Link} Loomer and Bannon also apply the lessons from the 2016 Cruz operation to the 2024 goals and objectives of the DeSantis operation.  Both are correct in that much of what we are seeing is a replay of that same crew.  WATCH:

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Richard Baris at People’s Pundit Confirms Trump Campaign Did Not Know of California GOP Rule Change Scheme

Original article. It sounds to me like Mike Davis is on the wrong side of this issue.

July 6, 2023 | Sundance | 643 Comments

For two days Bannon Warroom frequent guest, Attorney Mike Davis, has been trying desperately to defend his friend, RNC Committeewoman Harmeet Dhillon, for her participation in a California GOP scheme to support Ron DeSantis with proportional delegates.

In a series of Tweets and statements, Mike Davis continually said he had firsthand knowledge the Trump campaign was aware of the rule change and did not contest it. However, Davis refused to say who on the Trump campaign had this knowledge and seemingly approved the delegate plan without challenge.

Mr. Davis became increasingly unhinged when questioned about the issue, because it just did not make sense; yet, Davis continued to claim the Trump campaign was aware.

It became increasingly obvious to those watching the repeated desperate denials that something was afoot, and it just did not reconcile. In short, the most likely scenario was that Mike Davis was being dishonest and less than fulsome with his statements.  However, despite his credibility hanging in the balance, Mike Davis publicly continued to stick to his guns.

By the end of the second day, he really had no option; he had painted himself into a corner. When asked again last night by myself and others, he responded, “Why would I ever reveal the names of loyal Trump workers—names told to me in confidence?”  Apparently painting the mysterious campaign workers as loyal to Trump, even though the rule they seemingly approved would be unfavorable to President Trump.

After Harmeet Dhillon began her own retreat, it became obvious the fabrications were soon to collapse. Mike Davis modified slightly clarifying that President Trump personally was unaware. “I never said President Trump saw or approved anything. I said the Trump campaign was briefed about the proposed rules change and didn’t object.”

UPDATE: Richard Baris (People’s Pundit) was able to contact the Trump campaign to ask them directly.  According to Baris relaying information from the campaign, the Trump Campaign was not aware of any California GOP rule changes and were not notified of the plan as designed by Jessica Patterson, Shawn Steel and Harmeet Dhillon, to change the delegate apportionments.

Mr. Mike Davis, the former Chief Counsel for judicial nominations to Senator Chuck Grassley, former law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch and frequent guest on the Steve Bannon Warroom podcast, lied in all his public statements.

Mike Davis wants to be the next Trump appointed Attorney General for the United States. Take from that, what you will.

(I have not yet found the above recording.)

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Kevin McCarthy Refuses To Endorse President Trump Due To Donors, Bannon Slams For Disloyalty

Original article.

Kevin McCarthy Refuses To Endorse President Trump Due To Donors, Bannon Slams For Disloyalty.

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