The truth concerning the expulsion of Liz Harris

The purpose of this post is to present the truth about the expulsion of Liz Harris from the AZ House. Far more documentation will come out in the investigating attorney’s book Report to the Governor by John Thaler. Others have already taken action on this evidence. Why do AZ Legislators adamantly refuse to do ANYTHING about this evidence??? Are they captured? The Sound of Freedom and other documentaries support the evidence presented in the Joint Hearing 2/23/23. Also see the revealing Thaler interview later in this post.

Here is a timeline of events that will help in all of your research and understanding the rest of this post. It also points to additional evidence of the relevant events.

You can download the Navajo County GOP Meeting 8/17/23 handout to email or print out here (it is the introduction to this post). BTW, there is much more evidence, but I thought the following should be more than sufficient to learn who is telling the truth.

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Quick overview for those who won’t spend the time on the details.

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Arizona Corruption UniParty Revealed : Katie Hobbs Maricopa Board of Supervisors and AZ Legislature

Original video. This video goes into great detail of where the REAL problems are.

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Lies and Misrepresentations about Liz Harris
and the Joint Hearing

1. Liz knew what Miss Breger was going to present. “Liz specifically explained to Ms. BREGER AND John thaler that this was a hearing designed to strengthened elections in 2024. Liz was not aware that Ms Berger was going to present all that she did and in fact advised Ms. Breger not to speak about legislators or religions.”

2. The Ethics committee was authorized to use the incomplete, out-of-context, screenshots of text messages that was sprung on Liz Harris in the hearing with no opportunity to review that so-called “evidence.” Check out Chaplik’s lies in the following video and Thaler’s cease and desist letter on the use of these scrap messages. Here is another letter about the text messages which describes how they were illegally obtained. Note: the committee had the cease and desist letter 9 days before the ruling.

3. It is considered “Disorderly Conduct” to invite a citizen of Arizona to present their grievances and extensive evidence of organized crimes/fraud, which had a major impact on our elections, to the joint hearing of the House and Senate. I think it is obvious to everyone that this position is the exact opposite of what our law states. Otherwise, show us the law that makes this absurd claim so that we can get it repealed. See “Conclusion” below.

4. Miss Breger’s presentation was debunked. Here is her presentation handout (96 pages).

What we are missing is the “Take Action” part.

5. There are no Election Crimes/Fraud. It is very easy to find mountains of evidence of Election Crimes and Fraud on this very website of 1,678 Posts (to date). Here is just one example: A Summary of the Audit and Canvass Reports.

6. Liz was told by Jen Wright to turn any information over to law enforcement. It is obvious which of these two people can be trusted for the truth.

7. John Thaler is a fraud. See his interview by Brannon Howse later in this post.

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Here are some more of John Thaler’s messages:

“I stand for the truth.” – Liz Harris
The Election Crimes Fraud area

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The Complaint

The complaint was submitted by Rep. Stephanie Stahl Hamilton who was later caught on camera stealing Bibles: Arizona Democrat minister lawmaker caught on camera hiding Bibles. No repercussions from this??? It seems the AZ Legislature has the same two-tier system of justice that our federal government has.

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This Lincoln Day Speech by Jim O’Conner lays out what our battle is all about.

Original video. There are some who think all Republicans should just agree to the lies and move on in “unity.” I say, if we don’t stand on the truth, we are already doomed to failure.

Note that only Republican Leadership signed the “Resolution” to expel Liz Harris; not one Democrat.

May Arizona Be the First Domino to Fall


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Ivan Raiklin’s contributions

CCP-19 and how it impacted elections and expelling of Liz Harris

Original video. See his credentials at the beginning and then this topic at 8:19. The AZ Legislature continues to this day to “sit on their hands” concerning the illegal 2020 & 2022 elections. Are they CCP Captured?

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Mike Pence – Guilty of J6 Treason

Original video. Ivan had more to present to the joint AZ House/Senate hearing on 2/23/23. Due to a misunderstanding, that presentation did not occur. However, much of that information is included in this video of this Sherronna Bishop interview of Ivan Raiklin. This is a gem of extensive information!!!

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One of many interviews of John Thaler by several very experienced interviewers who found him very credible.

Original video. Note the AZ Corruption already uncovered, especially Speaker Ben Toma. And, note the NEED to do a “Deep Dive” into this evidence. “Our Republic is under assault.” See this letter from John Thaler that documents some of what he has been through. To see more on John Thaler’s work see videos here. And, browse the rest of his website while you are there.

Attorney John Thaler Almost Murdered For Investigations & Discovery of TONS OF POLITICAL CRIMES in Arizona & other States.

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The Hearing

#52 ARIZONA CORRUPTION EXPOSED: Liz Harris House Ethics Committee Hearing – The REAL HERO Is Persecuted & The Criminals Run FREE! DEMAND The AZ Legislature Investigate The Corruption & Election Fraud NOW! DO YOUR JOB!

Original video. After Joseph Chaplik REMOVES 10 of 14 EXHIBITS submitted by Liz Harris. New Exhibit 5 was entered into the record without advanced notice to Rep. Harris. These were a the previously mentioned series of scrap text messages, illegally obtained, between Breger, Thaler and Rep. Harris.

Full Testimony of Jacqueline Breger at Arizona Election Fraud Committee | 02-23-23

Original video.

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Here is what the people of Arizona really think of our elections:


There is far more evidence, but I will be very happy
if people just examine this much.

If you would like to provide any feedback, my email address is

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