U.N. Ministry of Truth Working to Ban Conservatives From the World Wide Web

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By Worldview News Team , 23 June, 2023

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In a recent interview between TV host Brannon Howse and technocracy expert Patrick Wood, the conversation shed light on the alarming rise of censorship propagated by various powerful entities, from governments to Big Tech companies. The origins of this concerning trend can be traced back to the United Nations and the World Economic Forum, which initially signaled the need to suppress normal speech and language. Since then, the movement has gained traction, leading to the proliferation of organizations enforcing censorship. One striking example mentioned in the interview is a video presentation by a United Nations representative, exposing the extent of this censorship agenda.

The Dark Side of Censorship:

The video referenced in the interview, presented at the Nobel Prize Summit in 2023, highlights both the positive and negative impacts of social media platforms and their role within the UN system. Initially, these platforms served as powerful tools for fostering global connections, grassroots movements, and reuniting families torn apart by conflict. However, the speaker in the video declared that a darker side emerged when what she called “bad actors” began spreading what she declared to be false information to manipulate public sentiment. Of course what she deems as a “dark side” and “false information” is directed at conservatives and experts speaking about cancer and their concerns about radiation and chemotherapy.

The Attack on Alternative Narratives:

One significant aspect of this censorship wave is the deliberate targeting of alternative narratives. The interview raises concerns about the silencing of voices challenging mainstream narratives on topics such as cancer treatments and vaccines. The spokesperson from the UN, without explicitly mentioning names, attacks individuals associated with “The Truth About Cancer” and the “truth about vaccines” movements. By discrediting these sources and advocating for their suppression, it becomes clear that the goal is to eliminate any counter-narratives, regardless of their political affiliation. The website mentioned by the U.N. speaker was referencing Charlene and Ty Bollinger and their website “Truth About Cancer.”

Clearly one goal of the U.N. is to censor anyone that exposes big tech, big Pharma, the globalists and their agendas and lies.

The Escalation of Censorship:

Patrick Wood warns that the gloves are coming off in this battle against free speech and alternative perspectives. Drawing attention to recent incidents where prominent figures like JFK Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. have faced censorship on major platforms, Wood emphasizes that this issue extends beyond partisan lines. He highlights the gravity of the situation by explaining that when free speech is entirely eradicated, the foundations for oppression and violence are laid.

The Menace of Digital IDs and Control:

The interview also touches upon the potential role of digital IDs in facilitating the enforcement of censorship. Wood mentions discussions that took place at the World Economic Forum in 2018, where the idea of digital IDs linked to online interactions was introduced. This notion sets the stage for the control and regulation of internet access, thereby determining who can participate in online discourse. The reference to former President Obama’s recent statement advocating for digital fingerprints further reinforces the concern that censorship may become a reality.


The interview between Brannon Howse and Patrick Wood serves as a stark reminder of the escalating threat of censorship in today’s digital age. The origins of this movement, rooted in global institutions, have paved the way for widespread suppression of alternative narratives and the free exchange of ideas. If this trend continues unchecked, it could have severe consequences for the principles of free speech and our Constitutional Republic.

This article is sponsored as a public service of the Worldview Weekend Foundation. Thank you for your contribution to www.wvwfoundation.com so we can continue to offer this FREE service.

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