President Trump in Las Vegas on Friday Night – Joined Discussion on Law and Order and Border Security

Original Article.  This entire event focused on law and order.  President Trump begins after an introductory video at 1:12:21.  However, the part preceding that is also very important.  The last video below lays out some of the Election Fraud which is horrific.
By Joe Hoft
Published July 9, 2022 at 7:15 am  0 Comments


Last night President Trump was in Las Vegas, Nevada where he shared on his America First Policies that helped rebuild and save this country after 8 years of Obama. 

President Trump shared on America First policies in Las Vegas last night.

Adam Laxalt, former Nevada AG, who is currently running for US Senate was there. Laxalt was one of the patriots in Nevada who knew there was election fraud and spoke out about the steal of the 2020 Election in Nevada.

Here is the President Talking about law and order.

Below is President Trump’s speech.

Btw here is a 5-minute list of over 100,000 voter issues in Nevada in the 2020 Election that enabled the state to be stolen for Joe Biden.

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