Quite The Meeting On The Tarmac

Original Facebook Post.
by Greg Dutton, 9/19/20

We were told it was an “impromptu” “chance” meeting on the tarmac. If this was an unplanned meeting, how did [then Mayor] Representative Greg Stanton even know to be there?

FACT: Lynch and Clinton tried to cover it up. “Grand-kids, golf.” Really?

FACT: The Secret Service tried to cover it up.

FACT: The FBI denied any knowledge of it.

FACT: The FBI planned whole thing, and covered it up.

If this was an “unplanned” meeting to chat about grand-kids and golf, why cover it up?

Deals were made on that plane.

Does anyone really believe Lynch wasn’t offered Scalia’s SCOTUS seat in exchange for the “protection” HRC would need to make “matters” go away through the election?

2/13/2016 – Scalia’s death. “Natural causes.”

6/27/2016 – Bill Clinton/Lynch tarmac meeting. Phoenix Mayor Stanton present. WHY?

7/5/2016 – Comey announces no criminal charges on HRC for classified info on email server. Investigation closed. The “matter” dropped. Admitted to pressure from Loretta Lynch.

Who made sure a reporter was there to take photos?

What if there is audio of the meeting?

What did Greg Stanton get out of the deal?

The DNC saw to it that Stanton ran UNOPPOSED in the 2018 Democratic primary to replace Kyrsten Sinema (District 9) when she decided to run for the US Senate in 2018 to replace “retiring” U.S. Senator Jeff Flake. Stanton had to step down as mayor to run. Who would do that without “assurances?” No doubt Stanton was promised big DNC (aka Soros) campaign cash and an unopposed primary to seal the deal.


What happens when Loretta Lynch can no longer provide legal cover for the Clinton’s? DEAL OVER.

They had to find another plan: Impeachment. Never forget Stanton voted to remove President Trump on FALSE charges!

I am a Constituent!! Stanton does not represent ME or the people of Arizona CD 9. He represents a CORRUPT party that’s imploding from within.

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