Report: ERIC Allows for “Plug-Ins” That Can Change Results (also J6 cases)

Original article. In our upside down world, the government criminals prosecute their political opposition as if they are criminals. They lie, withhold exculpatory evidence, make up as many false charges as they can, ignore rights to a speedy trial, invoke absurd sentences, run gulags of torture and inhumane conditions, etc. etc. etc. Among other news topics in this video are two of the J6 victims. The entire video has important reports worth hearing, but the second J6 victim stood up to these government criminal liars. He would not take a plea deal which required participating in their lie to say he did something he did not do. His name is John Stand and that report begins about 32:36. His website is

By The Absolute Truth with Emerald Robinson, 30 March, 2023

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