Republican Vivek Ramaswamy Slams ‘Dangerous’ Trump Indictment: ‘We May be Heading on our Way to a National Divorce’ (VIDEO, multipart post)

Original article. If you ever had any doubt that Demos are destroying our country, this should establish that fact for you. We have gone from the ridiculous to the laughing stock of the world. Those involved in this plot MUST BE PROCECUDED TO THE MAX!!! Alvin Bragg should be arrested TODAY.

Congress should already be investigating the Biden crime family. That process should now be expedited. We must have sane, rightful and capable leadership in the WH to get this train wreck back on track. According to Rob Blaggojevich (see video below), Congress, specifically Jim Jordon can take action against Alvin Bragg and possible others carrying out this anti-American attack. Folk’s let’s demand it!!!

By Mike LaChance, Mar. 30, 2023 11:00 pm, 528 Comments

Republican 2024 candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has blasted the purely political indictment of Trump as a dark moment in American history, and of course, he is right.

He correctly points out that this is going to further erode public trust in our electoral system.

He also invoked the concept of national divorce.

Breitbart News reports:

Vivek Ramaswamy on ‘Un-American’ Trump Indictment: ‘We May Be Heading on Our Way to a National Divorce’

Entrepreneur and 2024 Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy slammed the indictment of former President Donald Trump as a “dark moment in American history” and “un-American.”

“The politically motivated indictment of the 45th President of the United States marks a dark moment in American history. It will undermine public trust in our electoral system & justice system,” he tweeted.

“It is un-American for the ruling party to use police power to arrest its political rivals. Principles go beyond partisanship. Let the American people decide who governs,” he added.

He gave a lengthier statement in a video, saying:

Earlier today my competitor in this race, Donald Trump was criminally-indicted in a politically-motivated prosecution. This is wrong. This is dangerous. We’re skating on thin ice as a country right now. I think we may be heading on our way to a national divorce. I’m running for President because I care about a national revival instead. But this is a step in the wrong direction.

Watch the video below:

It’s a good, strong statement.

And he is right, this is dangerous. We are heading into uncharted territory and we’re being pushed there by Democrats.

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Speaker McCarthy Releases Statement: “Alvin Bragg Has Irreparably Damaged Our Country – The American People Will Not Tolerate This Injustice”

Original article.

By Jim Hoft, Mar. 30, 2023 7:25 pm, 284 Comments

George Soros and the Communist left indicted former President Donald Trump on Thursday, the leading contender in the 2024 race for US President.

Tonight America was forever changed. The enemies from within are emboldened to destroy America and all that it stands for.

Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy released a powerful statement following the announced indictment of President Trump tonight by Soros-funded New York City DA Alvin Bragg.

Alvin Bragg has irreparably damaged our country in an attempt to interfere in our Presidential election.

As he routinely frees violent criminals to terrorize the public, he weaponized our sacred system of justice against President Donald Trump.

The American people will not tolerate this injustice, and the House of Representatives will hold Alvin Bragg and his unprecedented abuse of power to account.

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“I Will Use Every Leverage I Have to Defund Every Single Federal Dollar From This Prosecuting Office” – Rep. Andy Biggs Slams Soros “Minion” Alvin Bragg After Trump Indictment

Original article. Thank you Rep. Andy Biggs!! I hope more can be done to combat this anti-American, lawless attack on the best president this country has ever had. Can’t his license to practice law be revoked for such abuse of power? Can’t he be jailed for braking the law? He certainly is experienced at abusing the law!!!

By Jordan Conradson, Mar. 31, 2023 2:45 pm, 322 Comments

GOP Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona spoke out against the weaponized Manhattan DA’s office on Thursday, following news of President Trump’s indictment by “a Leftist District Attorney funded and selected by George Soros.”

The Congressman vowed to “ensure that every single federal dollar is rescinded from this office and to restore impartiality in our courts.”

The Gateway Pundit reported that DA Alvin Bragg sent out a new letter to House Republicans this morning, boasting about his indictment of Trump and accusing them of “collaborat(ing) with Mr. Trump’s efforts to vilify and denigrate the integrity of elected state prosecutors and trial judges and made unfounded allegations that the Office’s investigation, conducted via an independent grand jury of average citizens serving New York State, is politically motivated.”

This is despicable. He has no shame for his unconstitutional actions and it is clear that the Democrats have been emboldened to destroy America.

Congressman Biggs released the following statement, calling out former Nazi George Soros “and his hand-picked minion,” Alvin Bragg, for their “corrupt bastardization of our justice system.”

Sham elections and political persecutions are how the Nazis seized power in Germany, and they are using the same playbook in America.

Contact Weaponization of Government Committee Chairman Jim Jordan and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to support and encourage them to join Rep. Andy Biggs in fighting against the weaponization of Prosecutors in America.

Never in my life have I seen America’s institutions as weaponized against conservatives as they are today.

A Leftist District Attorney funded and selected by George Soros has elevated a misdemeanor stemming from a minuscule accounting error into a felony due to his opposition to the former president’s politics.

Instead of focusing on the rampant crime in America’s largest city, this rogue District Attorney is abusing his power for political gain. He is further reinforcing that America maintains a two-tiered justice system towards conservatives.

Alvin Bragg committed prosecutorial misconduct by reportedly hiding hundreds of pages of exculpatory evidence from this grand jury. I will use every leverage I have to ensure that every single federal dollar is rescinded from this office and to restore impartiality in our courts.

George Soros and his hand-picked minion will long live in infamy for their corrupt bastardization of our justice system.

Biggs tweeted, “I will use every leverage I have to defund every single federal dollar from this prosecuting office.”

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Original article. Congress, Jim Jordan, is he right? Can you do something against this attrocity? If so, PLEASE EXPIDITE AND MAXIMIZE THE SENTENCE FOR ATTACKING OUR COUNTRY’S VALUES LIKE THIS!!!

By Jim Hoft, Mar. 26, 2023 12:15 pm, 379 Comments

Rob Blaggojevich did not hold back today on FOX News Channel.

The former Illinois governor knows what it’s like to be a victim of prosecutorial misconduct. Obama’s lackeys had Governor Blagojevich jailed for 8 years. Blago was only let out after President Trump pardoned him for the madeup crimes against him.

On Sunday Governor Blagojevich went hard after crooked Soros-funded DA Alvin Bragg.

Rod Blagojevich: It’s deja vu all over again. They are doing to President Trump at the major league level to a Republican president what they were successfully able to do a Democrat governor at a AAA level. This is frightening for our country. Every American, Democrat and Republican, needs to be not only alarmed but shouldn’t stand for this. Because this goes to the very heart of our freedoms as Americans – the right of the people to self-government… When you can’t find a crime, don’t invent one.

When anti-Trumper FOX News host Eric Shawn suggested President Trump was to blame for rioting on January 6 because he questioned the 2020 stolen election, BLAGO HIT BACK–

Eric Shawn: It was his lies his election lies that it was his election lies and violent rhetoric that helped spur some of those people…

Rod Blagojevich: You’re criminalizing things that are free speech. I’m sorry Eric.

Chew on that, Eric Shawn!

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