Republican Brief Readers Speak Out

Original Post

JAMES KNOX – regarding our reports and project. I am Liz Harris’s right hand within this project, a former Montana Legislator, an LD 12 PC and active within our party. Last week on 9/8, we released our first of several Maricopa Canvasser reports. You can obtain a copy to read either through (designed to have an opt-in virtual canvass for use by canvassers across the US) or here Stephan Richer immediately made multiple changing false claims and one fair claim. The initial report’s first image was mis-linked. We quickly addressed this and let it be known as such. The report (linked above) was reposted with a corrected address and cover photo. It was to this that Stephan Richer and Eddie Cook have taken on members of our team through Facebook and other public mediums, making repeated false claims. Liz published an ironclad response yesterday. Richer ran to remove the corruption from the elections office and stepped in to cover up what happened before his reign. I have to ask, and I think all should, why is he so hell-bent on standing in the way and not partnering to identify the issues? You might want to do a little research into where he came from and why he arrived in AZ just in time to run for this office. More to come, but please read the facts and stay tuned.