Return to Hand Counting, recommended process without machines (2-part post).

Cause of America – Missouri. Mike Lindell highly recommends this process as a great plan to get rid of Voting Machines.

Return to Hand Counting Webinar Clip – Col Shawn Smith

Original video. Download the manual in the 2nd part.

By Cause of America – Missouri , 12 January, 2023

One of our guest speakers at the Return to Hand Counting webinar on 12/29/2022 was Col. Shawn Smith. Col. Smith told us that “machines cannot be trusted – ever.” Listen to this 20 minute clip as Col. Smith explains his background with the Department of Defense and how he concludes that the machines we use for voting are not to be trusted.

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Return to Hand Counting, Missouri Elections, Webinar

Original video.

By Cause of America – Missouri , 31 December, 2022

Return to Hand Counting is a project of Cause of America – Missouri.

This webinar was held on Dec. 29, 2022, to introduce the eManual, “Missouri Elections: Return to Hand Counting” – click to download the eManual (255 pages).

Guest speakers at this webinar include Mike Lindell, Col. Shawn Smith, David and Erin Clements, and Dr. Doug Frank.

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