Securing our elections, action items (multi-part post)

1/29/24 There is recent activity on this front so I am in the process of getting this post updated.

Table of Contents (Reverse Chronological Order)

  1. Getting Rid of Voting Machines in New Hampshire!

Original video. See the plan here (The

Getting Rid of Voting Machines in New Hampshire!

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Several things are happening in this arena, so I decided to collect the information in one place. I imagine there is some redundancy.

Folks, there is not much time to take action on these.

Please expand, read and act on this.

From Liz: Please distribute asap… we need 14 counties on board asap.

From Michele Swinick:

Just wanted to give you the info on

It’s The Nationwide Crusade to Ban The Voting Machines & Take Back Our Unconstitutional Elections

3 Steps & 4 Clicks – 1 Click Email All 215 Arizona Officials

  1. Ban The Machines
  2. Investigate The Election Fraud & Corruption Presented at the 2/23 Hearing & Nov 8th Election
  3. Notice/Remonstrance – BOS – Affidavit Mommas
  4. Notice/Remonstrance – TURDS – Affidavit Mommas

Daniel Wood’s Court Case is listed & be downloaded along with the Press Release Declaring A State of Unconstitutional Emergency By The People Of Arizona.

Many videos to explain the campaign, court case & chaos in country/how we got here

Also, the TURD CONTACT page – has all BOS & House Repubs – Twitter, FB, Phone, Email & Gov website.  Haven’t uploaded the Senate yet or Dems.

Everything is in 1 place to make it easy for everyone.

If we have Voting Machines the minute the 1st poll opens in the 1st primary, the Republic is dead.  The Elections are that corrupt, fraudulent & far gone.  We CAN NOT beat the system. Its literally horrific and the truth hasn’t even been exposed yet – soon!

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Ban The Voting Machines + Taking Back Our Unconstitutional Elections = Will END Child Sex Slave Trafficking!

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Mary JaneAttachments Aug 26, 2023, 12:05 PM

Hi Everyone,

Attached is a case filed by Daniel Wood to the Superior Court of Arizona, hoping to get it to the U.S. Supreme Court as a Constitutional challenge of the election process in Arizona.

We the People’s Individual Constitutional Rights are being trespassed and the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA) is unconstitutional.  Page 12 of the petition states it is unconstitutional to contract with Dominion Voting Systems, ERIC, Runbeck Election Services, E Pollbooks and use other software which is disenfranchising the vote of “We the People”. 

This case will eliminate all the Arizona election statutes that have ruined the transparency of our elections. It will allow us to go back to One Day, One Vote on Election day at our Precincts, Hand Count Paper Ballots, No Machines, No Mail-In Ballots except for Military, Disabled, and those who cannot get to the Polls.

Our plan of action is to attend the Board of Supervisors meeting on Wednesday, September 13 at 9:30 AM address 301 West Jefferson St., 10th Floor, Phoenix, and read the whole 20 page case to the Board of Supervisors to get it into the record and let the public know about it.  The public is allowed to give 2 minutes of comment to the BOS.  If we can get about 25 people to attend the meeting and each read about three-quarters of a page or 2 minutes, we can submit the whole case to the BOS. 

If any of you would like to come to the meeting on September 13, please email or call me at 402-616-0177 and we will coordinate which paragraphs and page each person should read.  Below is the case for you to read.

7880d1_e457faa57c104fecaac197386832d37f.pdf (

Daniel Wood on the Court Case For the People of Arizona (

Daniel Wood on the Court Case For the People of ArizonaHere is the break down on the court case filed for the people of Arizona on 8-18-23. There was a lot to go over but this is a video that you can listen to an hour at a time. We go over the

Below are Jot forms to be sent to all the Arizona Board of Supervisors and all Legislators. All you need to do is sign your name, address and date and submit them and they will automatically be sent to the Board of Supervisors and legislators. You can sign and send as many times as you like.

Notice of BOS Remonstrance to Legislature (

Notice of BOS Remonstrance to LegislaturePlease click the link to complete this

Notice of BOS Remonstrance to Legislature (

Notice of BOS Remonstrance to LegislaturePlease click the link to complete this

You can also send a Love Gift to the to pay for expenses for filing this case.

Please call me if you have any questions. Thank you!

Mary Jane Ziola

Phone: 402-616-0177

Notice to Arizona Board of Supervisors, Legislature, Executive, and Judiciary Please click the link to complete this

2023-08-26_Daniel Wood – Certified Copy of Court Case.PDF

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