Tucker Carlson Reacts to 75 Uniparty Senators Funding Ukrainian Regime with Another $60 Billion – Senator Vance Weighs In (VIDEO)

Original article. Why is the Senate attempting to set new records on insane bills? Why would ANYONE vote for this monstrosity, much less 75 Senators??? Sounds like there are a lot of people who need to be removed from office to make room for sane candidates. Thank God for Speaker Johnson who stopped this insanity (at least for now): In Major Blow to Joe Biden, House Speaker Johnson Won’t Put Senate Aid Bill on Floor. We need to keep close watch on these clowns.

By Jim Hoft, Feb. 13, 2024 4:20 pm, 324 Comments

Senator J. D. Vance joins Tucker Carlson to discuss the latest round of US government funding to Ukraine.

Tucker Carlson posted a seven minute video on X on Tuesday after 22 Senate Republicans joined Democrats to vote for their $60 billion aid package for Ukraine, the most corrupt country in Europe – before the war started.

Tucker Carlson was rightly outraged after the 22 Republicans joined Democrats in moving the legislation forward.

Senator J.D. Vance (R-OH) joined Tucker Carlson for his video. During their discussion Senator Vance argued that bill handcuffs President Trump and and funds the lost war in Ukraine in 2025 and 2026.

Senator Vance: I want to say just a couple of things here, Tucker, that are extremely important to know about this legislation. Number one is that it sends $61 billion to Ukraine to fund, as you said, a hopeless war in eastern Europe that will decimate the Ukrainian population even more than it’s already been decimated…

…It’s a terrible, terrible piece of legislation on the policy. The second thing I want to say, Tucker, though, is that it doesn’t just fund Ukraine in 2024, and this is the most important point. It actually funds Ukraine in 25 and 26. Now, what’s the problem with that? Say, for example, that we have a new president in 2025. That president would be handcuffed by the promises that we are making in law to Ukraine today. If you go back to 2019, Tucker, to try to give you a sense of why this matters in 2019, the US House impeached then President Donald Trump on the theory that they had appropriated money to Ukraine, and Donald Trump refused to send it to Ukraine. So if Trump is elected president again and become president on January of 2025, he will conduct diplomacy. And if that diplomacy does not include sending additional billions to Ukraine, there is a theoretical argument, a predicate, if you will, for impeaching Donald Trump because they have tried to tie his hands. And the final point I’ll make on this, Tucker, is that the Washington Post has already said, based on leaks from inside the intel community, the purpose of this legislation is to tie a future President Trump’s hands.

Tucker Carlson:  So the political calculation behind this seems incredibly dark. So does the humanitarian effect. I noticed that no one on Capitol Hill seems interested in finding out how many have died in this war. Reliable estimates in the area, these are not partisan, are that about 400,000 Ukrainians have died. That’s about as many Americans as died in the entire second world war over the entire duration. And it’s, of course, a much smaller country. So how do senators, republican senators, get away with saying, we’re doing this on behalf of the ukrainian people, on behalf of democracy, when it’s destroying an entire generation and it’s not a democracy? What’s the thinking here?

Senator Vance:  Well, Tucker, they bought into the propaganda that what is in the best interest of Ukraine is to prolong this war. And so Zelensky comes to know he’s tougher than a lot of them are, and I think they get a little bit of excitement from that. And Zelensky tells them a story, that his war is in the best interest of the whole of Ukraine. Now, never mind that there are people within Ukraine protesting the draft. Never mind that the average age of a soldier there is pushing 45 years old. And never mind that the 650,000 wealthiest Ukrainians left the country at the beginning of the war. They didn’t stay and fight. So the idea that this is unanimously supported by the ukrainian population is, of course, preposterous and absurd. No one believes it. But here’s the really crazy. And I think ultimately, the very cynical thing that’s going on, Tucker, is that everyone knows that this war will lead to the destruction of Ukraine. I’ve had conversations with Democratic colleagues where they get this sort of dark look in their eyes and they say effectively that they want to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian drop of blood.

Via Tucker Carlson on X:

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