The Big Reveal!

From our newsletter:

The world has been waiting for this day to come. Understand the momentous force that has stood as a barrier to this big reveal calling it the big lie. As Christ Jesus said, “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first,” John 15:18.

In this email, I will touch on three important items. First, some blessings through a recent conversation with our friend Don Hiatt! Don has been in our prayers and is still needing them. He has had ten surgeries, one heart attack and too many dark-filled days, but through it, he has kept his faith. Barb, his wife, has also been by his side and clinging to her faith, which I believe most of us share.

Don was in good spirits but is very weak. He is now in a rehabilitation facility to regain his strength. He hopes to be home by Thanksgiving. He asked me to thank all of you for the prayers.

Second, today will begin with several caravans of freedom-loving patriots to participate in the Statewide protest against medical tyranny at the Capitol today. We will be standing up to this convenient excuse that leads into the ‘big lie.’ Stand with us from 10-1 and support our rights to religious freedom, medical choices and an end to the discrimination of those who have chosen freedom over imprisonment by not taking this deep state vaccine.

Perhaps it is apropos that just like Covid made way for the massive fraud of the 2020 election, this protest will set the stage for the official presentation and reading of the Arizona Senate Audit report. This is the first as the Senate is still obtaining much of the forensic evidence.

If you are unable to be there and participate in this historical event, you can watch it live streaming at 1:00 PM AZ time here:

Friends, we have truly walked in some of the saddest days of America, but let us pray today like a reveal party. We will find out if the truth will ever return to America! Will Lady Liberty still hold the scales of justice?

In closing, I would be remiss if I did not personally thank the one person who has given so much to make today possible. Liz Harris has been the sole force, never doubting we can expose the truth. She has been an inspiration to thousands, including all of us. I have gotten to know Liz, and I call her my friend. It needs to be said, Liz has lost so much in this pursuit of the truth, but I think she has gained much more. I believe it would be fair to say, her faith at times may have been shaken, but the Lord has held her, helped her, and through it all, her faith is stronger than ever!

Thank you, Liz, from the bottom of all of our hearts!


His servant,