“The Order Reads Like The Judge Wants To Deter Not Bad Faith Cases But Electoral Challenges” – Kari Lake Responds To Corrupt Obama-Appointed Judge’s Sanctions Against Her


Original article. How many opponents does one candidate have to beat? What happened to examine the evidence and rule by the law? Instead of judges, we seem to have activists masquerading as judges. How is it that the corrupt SOS Katie Hobbs, with conflict of interest, can not recuse herself, then use the legal system to threaten and force multiple BOS to certify an uncertifiable election.  But, Kari Lake gets attacked for a proper complaint by the court?  There are MAJOR problems with our system of justice!!!
By Jordan Conradson
Published December 2, 2022 at 4:40 pm 1157 Comments

First, let’s try to comprehend how corrupt this election was. They took the corruption of the 2020 election, added disenfranchising tactics to it in order to preform the 2022 debacle:

Now, returning to the article:

Kari Lake responded today to Obama-Judge John Tuchi’s decision to sanction her and Mark Finchem at the request of Maricopa County for daring to bring a lawsuit against the unreliable and corrupt voting machines.

John Tuchi is the same Federal Judge who recently ruled that Maricopa County was justified in discriminating against TGP reporter Jordan Conradson and preventing him his First Amendment rights and access to the County’s press room after another election disaster in the County.

The Gateway Pundit reported on the decision to sanction Lake’s lawyers yesterday in an apparent effort to discredit and discourage any election challenges after the State certifies the corrupt Midterm next Monday.

The Judge even admitted that this order was intended to “send a message” to those who file what he considers “baseless” lawsuits in the future.

Read the full order here.


Kari Lake and her attorneys argued that the voting machines are “potentially unsecure, lack adequate audit capacity, fail to meet minimum statutory requirements, and deprive voters of the right to have their votes counted and reported in an accurate, auditable, legal, and transparent process.”

However, as we saw on Election Day in the Midterm Election, voting machine failures and tabulation issues led to massive and unprecedented voter disenfranchisement at the polls.

The election was an uncertifiable disaster on Election Day when voting machines and printers suddenly stopped working at over 30% of voting centers the moment the polls opened. Republican voters were forced to wait in extremely long lines, turned away from the polls, or told to deposit their ballots in the questionable “box 3” for misread ballots.

These issues were present ALL DAY at some locations.

Because of this, despite having had only 17% of the turnout on election day, Democrats outperformed Republicans in multiple counties, which is unlikely and impossible.

It is unclear if the “errors” on election day were truly by accident or if the machines were hacked or programmed to do this. What a coincidence, though!

The corrupt Judge decided to sanction Kari Lake and her attorneys weeks after this debacle of an election, obviously to deter her from challenging the clearly rigged election.

This sanction also came just days after The Gateway Pundit reported that Kari Lake vowed to “not quit” and that she is “working with a team of patriotic, talented lawyers on a legal case to challenge the botched elections.”

Lake’s lawsuit to ban voting machines used numerous expert witnesses, including former voting machine tester, Clay Parikh, who testified that he was able to hack both Dominion and ES&S machines in a matter of minutes. He was stopped, however, from going further during his penetration testing that may have revealed the ability to “manipulate statistical data on the machine.”

Parikh also suggested that the testing these machines go through is nothing more than a proverbial check in the box to instill a false sense of security that the machines are functioning properly.

Kari Lake told The Gateway Pundit, “It is very, very rare to sanction a party in public interest suits,” such as election integrity. Clearly, this Judge has ulterior motives in his decision to sanction Kari Lake.

Lake gave the following statement to The Gateway Pundit.

Lake: Sanctions like this are rare. In every lawsuit there will be a winner and a loser. Sanctioning the loser is rare and has to rise to the level of subjective bad faith or frivolity. This case is not about money or gain. It was essentially a public interest lawsuit seeking electoral integrity. It is very very rare to sanction a party in public interest suits. There were 5 experts called by the plaintiff. One cannot be in “bad faith” with that many experts supporting your theory. They could be wrong. But not bad faith. The order reads like the Judge wants to deter not bad faith cases but electoral challenges. Punishing counsel is a serious effort to impune the professional reputation of counsel. This could lead to a bar complaint. Doing this deters other lawyers from ever agreeing to help conservatives. We saw this in real time in 2020 with numerous Trump lawyers. All in all this reads like an angry Obama appointee who wants to send a message. The message is if you lose shut up and don’t come to court. The message is not that you lost a case or acted in bad faith.

Kari Lake also tweeted,

In June, I sued over the use of tabulators in my election. I alleged these machines were prone to failure

This suit was dismissed for standing

On election day, 32% of the machines failed statewide

Yesterday, an Obama-judge sanctioned my lawyers for bringing the suit at all.

John Tuchi’s message was received loud and clear, but Kari Lake isn’t giving up.

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