Trump, in Flight, Urges ‘Final Battle’ (multipart post)

Original article (NewsMax). Bumbling, Babbling, Bragg (Alvin L. Bragg) is actually carrying through on this atrocity of upside down justice that makes our country the laughing stock of the world. He sets criminals free, and attacks the innocent. If we have a system of justice left uncorrupted, it will award Braggs with an extended sentence for his crime of prosecutorial misconduct at a minimum. He desires much more than that!! As I understand it, the entire case is based upon a lie.

Breaking News on Trump’s Indictment: Exposing Bragg’s Weak Legal Case | EPISODE 10

Original video. Now days, all it takes is an evil thought in the prosecutor’s head to take an innocent victim to court. As you would expect, Nancy Pelosi shows her ignorance of the law. Why would she need to know the law, she was only the Speaker of the US House of Representatives? A dictator really doesn’t care anything about law. This is a GREAT SEGMENT.

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War Room Episode 2632: The Defiling Of The Justice Department

Original video.

(w/ John Mills, Mike Davis, Peter Mcilvenna, Michael Patrick Leahy, CPT Maureen Bannon)

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