Update: Do You Stand with Steve Bannon? CRT Collusion Exposed! Big Tech Censorship Update

Original video.  Thank God for Judicial Watch!  They continue to work ceaselessly to hold our rogue government accountable and deserve your support.  This video addresses several such problems.  It also mentions a movie, “District of Corruption” which further addresses such problems.  Some of the issues addressed in the video, intersect with issues addressed by this website.  It can serve as a good springboard for your further investigations and education.  I will update this post as I learn more about access to the movie.
Premiered 10/22/21.

Issues addressed

  1. Abuse of the Constitution and civil rights of Americans.
  2. House of Representatives attack on Steve Bannon.
  3. House of Representatives attack on Jan 6 protests.
  4. CRT Collusion in Loudon County, VA and other places (being disguised as “Culturally Responsive Instruction,” “Race Equity” and other deceptive terms).
  5. Left’s Race agenda in Ashville, NC.
  6. Censorship attacks on Judicial Watch.
  7. Other key issues are briefly mentioned.

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