US House prepares to attack AZ

Posted 10/06/21. Updated 10/07/21. It went from a little past 7 am to about 10:49 local time,
If you did not watch this, you did yourself a favor. It was painful! For the uninformed, I’m sure it was convincing. For the informed, I imagine we had similar reactions. I began to try to capture when a Demo said something truthful. I only captured two statements before giving up on that. The Demos are well organized, prolific, shameless liars who can give entire speeches without one scintilla (a term the chair used) of truth. There is no way these people could simply be so totally ignorant of the facts! They are well organized in order to present a narrative which is void of truth. Until there can be honest discussion of the facts, we should not waste time on things like this. Perhaps after the indictments come down. Hopefully, they will not try to use this garbage to attempt an attack on AZ.

If you would like to know where Doug Logan was during this monstrosity, check this out. Please!! Watch it.

By simply considering the title of this meeting, it is blatantly obvious that:
It is the premeditated intent of the US House of Representatives to subvert the will of the citizens of Arizona and the plenary authority of the AZ Legislators to oversee our elections, in order to silence the truth, facts and evidence produced by the Maricopa County Audit, thereby causing irreparable damage to our country’s democracy. See docs here.
BTW, “Reform” would be when each state passes laws that prevent the fraud seen in our elections for many years now. Where is the concern for that? We know that some of the people invited to this hearing are the very ones who promoted laws that made the fraud easier to commit. So, do something productive, promote good reform.

Tomorrow an Oversight Committee meeting is being held by the US House of Representatives to assess the “Partisan Arizona Election ‘Audit’ and Threats to Democracy.” By that title alone, it is obvious that this is a very partisan attack on Arizona’s plenary power to oversee its elections with an intended partisan outcome already planned.

Hopefully, this post will provide the documentation that citizens of AZ need to know about this attack. If you download the following MS-Word doc, it has captured a lot of the information you need. And, I have marked up the announcement of the meeting with my own MS-Word style comment markups in bubbles on the right. Please note that the YouTube meeting says it begins at 7 am, but the meeting is suppose to begin at 10 am. I assume this is due to the difference in time zones, but I am not certain.

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The following links will hopefully assist:

Please note: In the announcement, next to Doug Logan’s name it has “Invited” in parentheses. That looks to me like they do not expect him to attend. However, if he does show up, it will be him against four people from the other side. First of all, the truth should prevail. Secondly, Doug has the intellectual advantage over all of them. But thirdly, please pray for him that God’s truth will prevail through him and that Doug and his organization will suffer no harm from this attack.