Violent Left-Wing Insurrectionists Invade Texas State Capitol and Shut Down Proceedings on Bill Banning Child Sex Surgeries – State Police End the Commotion in Epic Style (VIDEO)

Original article. This should be a wake up call to our country. It is alarming that our country has sunk to this level of depravity; that murdering and mutilating children is considered a right by some people. Lord, please help us!!! And, Thank God for the Texas Police! Bless them. Who would have even dreamed 10 years ago that it would require laws to stop such debased behavior!!! The demonic assessment by TGP and Sarah Fields also seems obvious. Demonic possession is the only thing I can come up with to explain this. And, notice the Tweets supporting these horrific demands. We MUST reopen insane asylums!!! These people need help before they do more harm to our communities.

By Cullen Linebarger, May. 2, 2023 9:40 pm, 587 Comments

Credit: Texas Tribune

Austin, Texas – Radical left insurrectionists on Tuesday afternoon stormed the Texas State Capitol and shut down proceedings on a bill banning child sex surgeries.

They probably ended up regretting their decision because if there is one law enforcement agency in America that does not screw around, it is the Texas state police.

The Texas Tribune reported that House Speaker Dave Phelan ordered state police to clear the House Chamber Gallery as the bill came to the floor. Once the gallery was cleared, the vote on the legislation was then delayed until later in the week after a parliamentary concern was raised according to Fox News.

At the same time police were trying to clear the gallery, some insurrectionists unrolled banners in support of child mutilation. They also were reportedly chanting “trans rights are human rights” and singing “we are fighting for our rights, and we shall not be moved.”

There was rioting outside the gallery as well.

Insurrectionists assaulted a woman who was supporting the state legislature’s efforts to protect children. Demons is certainly an apt comparison.

The Texas Tribune reported the agitators had had been at the Capitol since Tuesday morning, awaiting debate on SB 14, the bill banning gender reassignment surgeries for children.

The “fun” for rioters would eventually come to end, however, once the Texas police arrived on scene and “bodied” a few protesters.

The officers delivered a simple message with their actions: don’t mess with Texas.


Predictably, Twitter leftists started whining.

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