Make America Great For Us Again! (multipart post)

Original video. You KNOW from 4 extremely successful years with President Trump that he can and will restore our country to greatest yet again!!! Would you come back to the harassments, lies and constant attacks from the evil Demos, Deep State, etc. etc. etc.??? You know he would be better off personally if he didn’t. However, unlike Demos/Communist who hate our country and are doing everything within their power to destroy it; he actually wants to restore it; AGAIN!!

Biden has made it loud and clear. He hates Make America Great Again (MAGA) and would NEVER do such a thing to our country. And, his campaign promise is to “Finish The Job” of his destruction of our country. So, the only question is “Do you want a country or not?”

Donald J. Trump. 1.85M followers

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Dark Money “Elections Summit” – The Plot to Steal 2024!

Original video. This is why they are running Biden again.

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