When do We The People get our Representative Back??? (multipart post)

The following letter from the Harris/Thaler Law firm sets the record straight. The Ethics Committee has a lot to apologize to Rep Liz Harris for and should immediately reinstate her.

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Original article. Dr. Lyle Rapacki is a reporter for Prescott eNews. The book is ReportToTheGovernor.com (now saying a 5/15 estimated presale date). The Draza Smith interview mentioned is in: AZ House expels their best conservative Rep. (multipart post). (Great interview!!!) She is the one who discovered the “PID Controller” algorithm being used in voting machines.

Clips from the full interview on Dr. Lyle Rapacki’s Arizona Today broadcast on January 24, 2023 with guest Mark Finchem. Clips show everything said about John Thaler.

This was A MONTH BEFORE the Breger presentation on 2/23/2023; before the Arizona Legislature, that ultimately got Liz Harris expelled for having invited Breger to speak.

Second clip from The Lindell Report, broadcast on March 8th, 2023.

Full videos can be found at:


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#72 ARIZONA CORRUPTION EXPOSED: Democrat Minister Rep. Stahl Hamilton Committed At Least 3 Ethics Violations – Bible Stealing, Lying To The House Members & Impugning Speaker Ben Toma – 1 Complaint Filed & 2 To Go – DEMAND THE LEGISLATURDS FILE NOW

Original video. Obviously, It is supporting the will of We The People of Arizona that put a target on the back of Liz Harris. Why are they protecting Rep. Stahl Hamilton who was caught red handed? TALK ABOUT MISCONDUCT!!! I’ll bet she is against Election Integrity. Every one of these corrupt politicians must be removed from office. They do not care what the facts are, what the law says or what the constitution says. They simply make up a case against Liz Harris so they do not have to deal with eliminating the massive Election Crimes/Fraud. NOTE: STILL NO INVESTIGATION.

Organizations across Arizona are standing against the obvious sham hearing. Here are a few examples.

Editorial comments: It is obvious to all of We The People that Liz Harris was expelled because she is the champion for secure, transparent, fair etc. elections. The sham hearing was full of illegal and misleading procedures. Why is the Legislature afraid of secure, transparent, fair, etc. elections? Why are they afraid to do the investigation that is so obviously required after the 2/23 presentation? Think through those questions and then tell people what you come up with. We The People have to flood them with our demands to return Arizona to a state of law and order; including secure, transparent, fair etc. elections (watch Michele Swinick’s program below for ideas). Perhaps they need protection until they accomplish that task. Remember, Election Fraud Prevention is a non-partisan issue. I assume everyone would prefer that their vote not be stolen.

Do you trust the following person’s accusations about Liz Harris?

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Representative Liz Harris – More EXPOSING, Updates, Board of Supervisors, BREAKING NEWS + We The People Holding Our LegislaTURDS Accountable Is WORKING – Motivation To Get On The Battlefield With GOD! JOIN US!

Original video. Please read the remarks posted under the video. SaveMyFreedom.us.

4/28/23 Everything Home Talk Show w/Michele Swinick, 4.48K followers

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