WATCH: Mike Lindell On Bannon’s War Room – THREE MORE States ALONG WITH AZ, PA, GA To Hold Full Forensic Audits:”I Know Three Are FOR SURE” – MISSOURI Could Be A Fourth

Original article. From video: 167,000 intrusions in Mike Lindell’s PCaps. He estimates 20 states will do forensic audits. He believes states will begin to have “standing” in the courts, just based upon the PCaps for that state.
By Jordan Conradson
Published September 4, 2021 at 8:15 am 106 Comments

Yesterday, Mike Lindell joined Steve Bannon’s War Room to give updates on the effort to audit all 50 states.

Since Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium last month, legislators from around the country have been invigorated to get to the bottom of November 3rd.

Lindell revealed some huge news. According to Mike Lindell, three more states will start full forensic audits of the 2020 election “for sure.”

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Lindell also told the War Room that he has been speaking with legislators, County Clerks, and the Secretary of State in Missouri, where Trump won but he actually won by a lot more.

Bannon: How many new states do you think, because, by the way for the audience we’re going to have some representatives I think in the grassroots movement in Pennsylvania, that are not in love with the Jake Corman hearings next week and want just to go right to subpoenas for the ballots. Because to do a full forensic audit, you got to get your hands on the ballots, we know that from Arizona. So we’re going to have and don’t think to look, we’re putting pressure on these guys, and we understand exactly what’s going on. So don’t think we’re being naive about this. But when you talk to these red state Secretaries of State, how many new red states or how many red states, how many states that are not Arizona Georgia, Wisconsin, the battleground states that were all over to try to get these full forensic audits, how many additional states, as you see it right now, do you believe are going to come up and start doing full forensic audits?

Lindell: I know three are for sure and those are the ones I’m not going to name. I will say that I talked to a fourth, with about 14 other secretaries of state and 14 other legislators and county clerks, that was a that was in Missouri, so that would be the fourth state. But what’s happening is all these states that didn’t think they were affected, we’re showing them the actual extrapolated data from all those terabytes that I’ve had that I’ve been telling everyone for four or five months. Now, actually, Steve two we’re putting up, I’ve sent you, I don’t know how those graphics but I said, we’re putting them up on Frank speech, everybody’s state, all 167,000 intrusions, and we’re putting them up there so you’ll actually see the computers that were involved. You’ll see the IP addresses and everything they’ve all been validated…

Bannon: Can you walk our audience through, so let me shift this you get full forensic audits, that was and people have to understand in Sioux Falls two things were going on. You had legislators, led by kind of Colonel Wendy Rogers and Sonny Borrelli, the Arizona guys but you had, you know the 50 states were essentially represented, but you had legislators from many of them, and that, what people in the mainstream didn’t want to talk about there was a bonding there, almost forming a caucus for full forensic audits in all 50 states, and particularly states like Texas and the other states, I am convinced we were gonna pick up a couple of House seats. I’m not even sure Nancy Pelosi is the leader, the Speaker of the House. You’re definitely going to pick up some Senate seats right in Michigan, in Georgia, and in Arizona, my belief is, if you do these full forensic audits. The key is you’ve got to get these  AG’s coming out of there. You still got a hurdle, and the hurdle is you got to get some AG’s to sign on, so that you can actually get standing to get to the courts. Where are you in the process right now of convincing these guys this data is correct, convincing their teams, where do you stand on that?

Lindell: We’re standing pretty good here’s what its manifest is, by the way besides the six swing states that Donald Trump won, he also won New Hampshire and Minnesota. So there’s your ones that actually flipped the states. All the other states that we went to, the red states, such as Missouri, he won by a lot more than what he said, which will give them standing. Now, we’re going in there and we’re doing canvassing. It’s kind of a three-step process. We do a two-week quick canvassing, to show them here, actually, they use Ghost voters, so to speak, that didn’t exist, took them off the voter rolls of 2010. So we show them that, and then we show them there like you just on the screen. All of those intrusions in their state, which we’re going to post on Frank Speech. The exact intrusions, the exact computers, the exact machines. And then they go in and they’ve been very, very willing “hey you do this and we’re going to go in and do an audit”, and they, and they can get subpoenas real easy and some of them, they don’t even get subpoenas. Now I’ve talked directly to all the Secretaries of State in those five states, but directly to two of the Attorney Generals. You are correct Steve. As soon as they’re done with their audit thing, now the attorney general, they have standing in that state. I told you after this symposium, I’d like to get all 50 states but I know that’s a dream. But everyone, everyone should be concerned about this, but if we end up, all these lawyers say we only need a couple two or, but I think we’ll end up right around the 20s that you know at least 15 to 20 states.

Bannon: Hang on, we’re gonna bring in John Fredrichs here in a second, breaking news out of Georgia that you’re going to want to hear. But let me, you’re not saying that the AG’s of those battleground swing states that are the ones are about the certification. They don’t have to do a full forensic audit first, they’re gonna be able to take the data you provide because they’ll be convinced that it’s valid, they don’t have to do a separate full forensic audit before they move forward into the court system, they’ll just go on from there?

Lindell: No and here’s why Steve. We’re talking, that would have took five months. That’s how long it took me, so that’s why at the symposium we just wanted everybody, to show them it was from the 2020 election. Now everybody knows that. So now what we’re doing, we’re showing that it took three months to work on extrapolating from the raw data from the packet captures to what we can read, what you have on the screen before the latitude, longitude,  the intrusion when it flipped. What we’re doing is we’re going to their specific machines, let’s say it’s a county in Missouri. We go right to the machines, and we do an audit there. So that gives them, that shows them right away that our stuff is exactly that they, if you go to the machine and the matches the packet captures there, and a matches the data there, you marry the two and it’s an exact match. 

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The Gateway Pundit reported that Patriot Legislators founded The Election Integrity Caucus during the cyber symposium with a plan to audit all 50 states.

This movement is expanding rapidly across the nation due to the great efforts by Mike Lindell and Patriots in office who have the courage to fight for their constituents’ rights.

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If you support a full forensic audit in your state, contact your legislators and demand that they fight for election integrity.


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