What’s happening in our schools and country is not unique, but IS extremely important!

Please get informed, then decide how you can help reverse it.  (Op Ed)

Are we in a Cultural Revolution?  I think most people would respond: “What are you talking about?  That’s absurd.”

We see things happening that we consider strange, out-of-place, unusual, ignorant, etc.  We don’t give them much thought because we assume they are insignificant instances that will quickly get resolved “by someone.”  Others who have not lived in a country with our God given rights and freedoms, see these “insignificant instances” completely differently than we do.  One such person is Xi Van Fleet, a Virginia mom from China.  Toward the end of the following interview video (first video), she said “in her wildest dream she never thought she would have to defend this freedom” she is enjoying in our country.  Now she realizes, “If I don’t, it may just go away.”  She urges all immigrants who are enjoying this freedom to speak up.  “If we don’t save this country, there is no place to go.”  It’s not JUST CRT, it’s the entire culture.

This is a MUST WATCH video interview to learn what a Cultural Revolution is and the signs of it being implemented here in our country.

The implementation of this Regressive agenda has been going on for years:

Note: All but one of these videos are from The Epoch Times.  They are a very good source and resource to support.  Epoch TV is a recently added feature.  It has very good documentaries.

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