WTH? Maricopa County Assistant Election Director Disappeared After Deposition Request Regarding Fraudulent Signature Verification – Special Action Filing Included (VIDEO)

Original article. The coverup appears to be coming unraveled.
By Jordan Conradson
Published February 2, 2023 at 2:30 pm 314 Comments

We The People AZ Alliance’s Shelby Busch gave another presentation on Monday in the Arizona Senate Elections Committee titled “Election Mechanics Part 2.

The Gateway Pundit reported on part one of Busch’s presentation on January 23 and the shocking findings, including Election Day tabulators reportedly rejecting nearly 1/4 million vote attempts on election day and nearly 300,000 mismatched or fraudulent mail-in ballot signatures in Maricopa County’s 2022 Election.

Busch revealed that Maricopa County Assistant Elections Director Celia Nabor suddenly disappeared from the County’s payroll when attorneys for Busch requested her deposition regarding signature verification.

Busch presented more flaws in the 2022 Election this week, including adjudicated ballot discrepancies, Election Day lines and malfunctions that disenfranchised THOUSANDS of voters, shady voter registration modifications, and missing chain of custody on hundreds of thousands of ballots.

Heather Honey also presented her findings on the County’s early ballot chain of custody failures.

Honey testified in Kari Lake’s election trial that BOTH Runbeck and Maricopa County “weren’t following the legal requirements for chain of custody.”

The Gateway Pundit reported on the entire presentation, which can be seen here.

As revealed by Busch on Monday, an estimated 8,327+ voters did not cast ballots due to tabulator failures and long lines caused by intentional sabotage of Republican voters in Maricopa County.

Signature verification standards in the 2022 election were also found to be nonexistent.

According to Busch, Celia Nabor supervised signature verification in the last three elections, and a deposition was requested for Nabor after the 2022 Election, in a Special Action lawsuit seeking public records.

However, Busch’s legal team followed up on this deposition request on January 12, 2023, and the County told them that Nabor was no longer employed.

Similarly, The Gateway Pundit reported that Pinal County Elections Director Virginia Ross, who oversaw the General Election discrepancies discovered in the recount of Abe Hamadeh’s race for Arizona Attorney General, reportedly collected a $25,000 bonus to run a good election, despite the significant errors and her failure to disclose the issues discovered in a recount. Ross then retired on December 2, 2022, and moved to Texas the next day.

It is unclear if Celia Nabor received a bonus or whether she was promised something in exchange for her disappearance. We do not know if Nabor is still in Arizona.

Celia Nabor, in her official capacity as assistant Elections Director for early voting under the County Recorder, gave a sworn declaration in May 2022 regarding mail-in voting laws during litigation over the Arizona Elections Procedures Manual.

Nabor also testified at a January 5, 2022 Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Special Meeting on the County’s 2020 signature verification system, where she stated, “we did not tell staff to stop looking at signatures,” calling this claim “completely false.”

“Curing is when a signature cannot be verified,” she continued. “There was a law change in 2019, and that law allowed voters the five business days post-Election Day to cure their ballot, so we saw the decrease in rejects because of that very significant law change.”

In the 2022 Election, Maricopa County reportedly cured thousands of ballots days after the 5-day statutory period, which ended on November 16.

According to a tweet by Kari Lake War Room, before the curing period was over, affidavits from three Maricopa County whistleblowers say that “90% of ballots that were flagged for signature mismatches did not go through the curing process.”

“Those are phantom votes. We have no way of confirming their legitimacy unless granted access to the envelopes.”

As The Gateway Pundt reported, Busch’s team determined that over 127,000 ballot affidavit signatures were egregiously different than the signature on file, and over 163,000 signatures failed the Arizona Secretary of State’s standards for signature verification in 2022. This information is based on their findings from signature verification failures in the 2020 Election, which was also supervised by Celia Nabor.

298,000 Election Day drop-off ballots were calculated to be signature verified in an average of eight seconds each in 2022, according to Busch’s presentation on January 23.

Is this why Celia Nabor vanished?

Shelby Busch explained the Special Action Petition filed on November 3 and the issue they faced while trying to depose Assistant Election Director Celia Nabor to the Arizona Senate on Monday.

Watch below:

Busch: So the next thing that I wanted to present is we are currently undergoing a Special Action with Maricopa County. We have reached out to them on multiple occasions in regard to information as we’ve gone through this process, and they failed to fully comply or cooperate with the FOIA requests we had put in regarding their signature verification. And so, we did have the special action. It was filed by a legal team, and witnesses stated that they were pressured to approve signatures. And Maricopa County Assistant Election Director Celia Nabor supervised the last three elections of signature verification. So, we did request, back in December, the ability to have her deposed by the legal team. And when a motion was put forth in the special action to enforce that, we were informed that she is no longer employed with Maricopa County. So, we would like the ability to try and depose somebody in the management level that can provide the information to us that we need to confirm our findings and the reports of election workers.

Rogers: I’m curious. When was the deposition launched against Ms. Nabor?

Busch: The request was made to County Attorney Liddy by our attorney, in person, and the formal request was put in. I don’t have that exact date for you, but it was right around mid-December, I believe.

Rogers: When did she leave?

Busch: She left the day after our attorney followed up on the deposition request.

Read the full Special Action Complaint below:

Special Action Complaint – … by Jordan Conradson

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