Arizona, Do you want to continue to have corrupt elections?

If the answer to that question is NO, please take a few minutes to verify the facts, then compare those facts to the Fake News with which you are being bombarded.

A one-of-a-kind, very meticulous and detailed forensic audit of the Maricopa County 2020 Election was performed. A summary of the 3 Volumes of findings (Cyber Ninjas Report) was published on this site 10/21/21. That summary lists corrupt findings of the election audit and canvasing that were 36x and 27x respectively of the margin of victory. Section numbers were included to make it simple to verify the numbers in Volume 3 of the Audit Report. If you would like your own 2-page summary (hint: print two-sided for a single sheet), you can download it here. Pass them out to inform others.

Once you know the facts, then compare those facts to what is being said (first two videos) by Fake News about bill HB 2596 (What is required to stop the corruption that has been found.):
Arizona Senate committee hears nearly a dozen bills to change election processes.”

Now you know what is incumbent on you to do… Contact your elected representatives, including Gov. Doug Ducey, to make it clear to them you want the election corruption stopped by passing HB 2596 into law. Thank you for taking this stand with us.