BREAKING: Audit Results Update-Mark Finchem

And I just had to get this out to you as soon as I possibly could.  Today is a day that we should always remember.  Never in my life have I seen such evidence that there are Americans who would destroy America for political power.  This is disgusting, and this is what we are fighting against!I feel like the wind has been knocked out of me.  While I can’t believe that ANY American would disrespect the foundation of our Democracy to the degree the Democrats did in 2020, this stokes the fire in me even more – because this is just the beginning.I need to communicate critical next steps with you that will take this fight to the next level, but first let me give you the highlights of a few of the results.

  • There were more than 9,000 votes that were received and recorded than what was officially sent out.
  • There were significantly more ballots cast than people who showed up to vote.
  • There are over 255,000 early votes that were shown in the final vote count that WERE NOT reflected in the early votes recording file.
  • 2,382 voters cast votes in the county after moving away!

As a result of the proceedings in which 2.1 million ballots were recounted over 100,000 man hours, it is crystal clear that the electoral votes need to be recalled.  If we do not recall the electors, then America as we know it will be gone.

For that reason, I am proud of our Senate President who recognized that this is not just an electoral issue – but a criminal one.  Anyone who is willing to undermine America’s elections – the freest nation on earth – should see the rest of their days from a dank jail cell.

As a direct result of these findings, Senate President Karen Fann to Mark Brnovich, the Arizona Attorney General, calling for a criminal probe of these obvious instances of fraud in our electoral process.

Those are just the high level points.  But there were some seriously disturbing instances of fraud, highlighted just below…

In particular, the Electoral Management System WAS connected to the internet – the day BEFORE the audit began.

Not only that, legally protected election records were purposely and Illegally destroyed

There’s coincidence, and then there is absolute red-handed evidence.

If you walk past a bank, and you see a guy wearing a mask carrying two bags with a dollar sign on it full of money, and then the news immediately reports a bank robbery – that’s not a coincidence, folks.

And that’s what we are seeing here.  We are seeing red handed evidence of thieves in the night stealing an election for political gain.

And this is why I am proud to stand with proud Patriots like Wendy Rogers in calling for these next steps:

  • Immediately Decertify the election while the investigative process is complete.
  • Arrest everyone involved with tampering with election systems.
  • Initiate an audit of Pima County to see just how wide the fraud is.

Again, folks, this is a somber, historic day. 

But we cannot let these thieves get away with it.  We have to prosecute those responsible.  We have to complete the audit STATEWIDE.  We have to continue to fight for election audits around the country.  And then, we have to PROTECT what we fight for by electing Election Integrity Patriots to Secretary of State!

We have no time left.  The Audit Results are in and this is go time.

If we let the Democrats get away with this now, we will never have a free election again.  We must strike hard and fast with the full force of the law and the Constitution.  We cannot let our efforts in Arizona be in vain.

Folks, I have to get back to it, we have big things in the works in this war for election integrity.  And I have to get back to the war-room.

Mark Finchem

Arizona House of Representatives – District 11
Republican for Arizona Secretary of State
Election Integrity Patriot