MUST SEE: Arizona Senate President Karen Fann Gives Exclusive Update On Maricopa County Router Audit – AZ Attorney General Has Pulled Numerous People For Questioning

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By Jordan Conradson
Published January 21, 2022 at 8:23 pm  436 Comments

The Arizona Senate-led audit of Maricopa County’s 2020 election discovered over 700,000 ballot discrepancies, internet connectivity on the elections system, and more elections law violations.

All evidence was presented in a public hearing on September 24, 2021, and delivered to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich for further investigation.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Brnovich opened a criminal investigation shortly after the September hearing.

It has been nearly four months since the Maricopa County hearing revealed damning evidence that Joe Biden did not win Arizona, and Mark Brnovich has not even updated voters.

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Another recent election integrity hearing in Pima County provided Brnovich with even more election determining evidence of election fraud.

Investigations are still transpiring statewide while we await the results of the router and Splunk log analysis portion of Maricopa County’s full forensic audit.

The Gateway Pundit reported that the Arizona Senate will conduct a joint audit of these systems using a third-party special master and third-party contractors.

TGP correspondent Jordan Conradson spoke with Arizona Senate President Fann for updates on the ongoing audit and potential action from Attorney General Brnovich.

President Fann told us that the slander from mainstream media networks and Maricopa County has made it extremely difficult to find a company to perform the audit, further delaying the process.

Conradson: What’s the update on the router and Splunk log analysis?

Fann: Yeah. So Congressman Shadegg, the special master, has gone through; I can’t even tell you how many IT experts that he’s tried to get. One of the problems and the delays is that the media and Maricopa County have trashed this audit so bad that there’s a lot of people that just don’t even want to work on it for fear that they will trash them. It’s a no-win. If they find a problem, they’re going to get trashed. For finding that if they don’t find a problem, they’re going to be trashed for not finding it. So that has been a difficult deal. The second most difficult thing is trying to find three IT people that don’t have a conflict of interest. So, for example, they thought we had it all worked out a few weeks ago with that third one, and then the AG is the one that nixed that one because they did some work for American oversight. Well, we know where we’re at with American oversight on this. So, anybody that’s connected to them, there’s no way that they can be impartial. So we do think we have the last one narrowed down right now. So we should be ready to rock and roll.

Conradson: Rumors are going around that the choosing of John Shadegg for the special master agreement would mean that it’s never going to happen. Can you assure us that it’s going to happen?

Fann: Yeah, it’s going to happen, and we maintain the right of subpoena, and just so you know, Mr. Shadegg has been very front forward with me. If I text him, he texts me back. I say, what’s going on? He does it. But he knows full well that we maintain the ability to issue subpoenas. And that was my last text to him is, “okay. Everybody’s getting a little restless. We’re getting frustrated. We want to wrap this up. We want this information. And if we can’t get this done, quickly now, get on it.” I said, “then my members are asking, when are we ready to start reissuing the subpoenas or reach out to maybe the Attorney General and ask him if he wants to subpoena those as part of his investigation.” So we have options. I’m just letting him know that everybody’s patience is getting thin.

Conradson: So I know you’re looking forward to the results of the investigation, as is America quite frankly, it’s been almost four months. When are you expecting some kind of result?

Fann: Well, I’m expecting the results to come in when they’ve dotted their I’s and cross their T’s. I know people are frustrated about not getting the “results” from Attorney General Brnovich. And for those listeners who aren’t familiar, I think most of them are by now. Remember, our job as the Senate. Our job is to pass laws and to make sure laws are working. And if they’re not, we make new laws. That’s why we had subpoena power because we have the ability to subpoena whatever we need to make laws. It is the Attorney General’s job to ensure that the laws are being followed, and prosecute, and do the enforcement side of it. That’s why we turn that piece over to him because that’s his job. We don’t enforce laws. We don’t have the constitutional authority to enforce laws. He does. So he has opened up an investigation. I can tell you that it is extensive. They have pulled numerous people; I don’t even know all the details, because remember, these are things that you don’t talk about in public. If you’re looking at a grand jury, if you are looking at some sort of potential indictments, or whatever path that he goes down, based on everything he finds out and these mistakes that were done. Were they done out of incompetence, or were they done intentionally, which would indicate that there may still be some fraud there? That’s for him to decide. And so he has to make sure that everything he does not only does he have to prove and back up everything that we gave to him to whatever extent that might be, then he has to go to the next step and determine, Okay, how do we handle this? And so it’s not appropriate for him to talk about it.

Attorney General Brnovich reportedly is taking this investigation seriously. He vetoed a company because they had ties to American Oversight, a “leftist watchdog group” trying to hinder the election audit since day one.

Brnovich’s investigators have brought numerous people in for questioning, including State Legislators and other officials, in order to get to the bottom of November 3rd, 2020.

The Arizona Senate still has the power to subpoena these items if the investigation does not begin soon.

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann should be commended for her efforts to perform the first-ever full forensic election audit in history.

Contact Attorney General Mark Brnovich to demand justice!

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