URGENT CALL TO ACTION! Critical Election Reform To Be Considered On AZ Senate Floor: Bills Make Ballot Images Public Record and Ballot Currency-Grade Fraud Countermeasures

Original article.  I apologize for the previous post which had a lot of duplicated portions.  The WP editor often selects more than is obvious and that causes duplicate material.  In my rush to get the article posted, I was not as careful about that problem as usual.  There are 12 bills, which is the most important part of this article.
By Jordan Conradson
Published January 22, 2022 at 10:12 pm  209 Comments


Monday is a big day in the Arizona Senate for election integrity.

After the historic full forensic audit of Maricopa County’s 2020 election, GOP State Legislators are leading the charge to fix the vulnerabilities and strengthen election laws in Arizona.

The 2022 elections are coming up, and Arizona leftists are preparing to execute another stolen election.

The Arizona Senate Government Committee will meet Monday to consider critical election reform, including legislation to make ballot images public records available only to the voter and require counties to use ballot paper to include 19 specified fraud countermeasures.

Patriots have been called to rally at the capitol before and during the meeting to pass these critical measures.

Trump-endorsed Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake put out an urgent call to action for proponents of election integrity to show up and show their support. Lake will be there to show her support.

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers also called Arizona audit volunteers and Patriots alike to come to the Senate hearing room this coming Monday.

Rogers will sit on the Government Committee this Monday, replacing Senator J.D. Mesnard, who is unavailable.

Senator Rogers: AZ Auditors and all patriots – We need you to get as many conservatives to come down to the Senate Hearing Room on Monday at 2 PM to speak two minutes apiece on each of these election integrity bills.

Senate Government Committee

elections; recount margin (Ugenti-Rita)

state of emergency; executive powers (Ugenti-Rita)

registration database; federal voters; report (Townsend)

secretary of state; federal form (Townsend)

ballot paper; security measures (Rogers)

election equipment; security; legislative review (Townsend)

election process; contractors and contracts (Townsend)

misplaced ballots; invalidity; misdemeanor; damages (Townsend)

electronic ballot images; public record. (Borrelli: Fann, Townsend, et al)

ballot fraud countermeasures; paper; ink. (Borrelli: Barto, Fann, et al)

schools; cities; all mail prohibited (Rogers)

federal ballot voters; identification (Townsend)

AZ Say Bye To Your Home Insurance Bill If You Live In These Zip Codes

The Arizona audit concluded as many as 700,000 ballot discrepancies in the 2020 election, and Republican Arizona State Legislators are determined to prevent this in 2022.

All evidence and more has been delivered to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich and he has opened a criminal investigation into the 2020 election fraud.

The Maricopa County audit is still ongoing due to delays caused by Maricopa County and the mainstream media attempting to hinder any investigation into their “most secure election in U.S. History.”

The Gateway Pundit recently interviewed Arizona Senate President Karen Fann for an exclusive update on the ongoing audit investigation and Brnovich’s criminal investigation.

TGP will provide on the ground coverage of this important meeting.

Show your support for election integrity on Monday at the Arizona Capitol.

Contact Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich now to demand justice!

Contact AG Mark Brnovich

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