Reclaiming 11 AZ Electors: One GOP Senator Blocking Election Integrity

Original article.  Decertifications MUST BE the focus NOW.  This post should have been created when the corresponding program was first presented.  The Maricopa Audit PROVED massive fraud.  Simple put, it disqualified the election results AZ “certified”!!  The Audit Report did not present an in-your-face alarm like many of us thought it should have.  You have to actually read and properly evaluate the results in order to comprehend the magnitude of the findings.  Honest adults should be able to do that.  If you require a shortcut, consider A Summary of the Audit and Canvass Reports.  However, Fake News was able to focus on one table out of a three-volume report to do their usual deception of the public.  (When are we going to hold them accountable?)  BTW, the audit was money well spent in order to save our country!!!

Paul Boyer, 602-926-4173, is the one standing in the way of recalling the fraudulent AZ electoral votes and decertifying this election.  I can’t imagine why he would even consider being a part of destroying our country, but he obviously is NOT an America First Senator.  PLEASE let him know your opinion.
BY   SEPTEMBER 27, 2021


The breathtaking misreporting from the mainstream media on the Arizona election audit hides the fact that tens of thousands of votes (ballots) are questionable at best. At worst, they are fraudulent. The evidence is overwhelming that systemic corruption took place in the 2020 election. And the job is not done. The next step is reclaiming the 11 electors (decertifying the results), however, one state senator is standing in the way of the truth. Graham Ledger speaks with Arizona state senator Sonny Borrelli about the options at this point and who that lone Republican senator is who stands against election integrity.

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