Sound Of Freedom Movie w/Jim Caviezel (multipart post)

Original video. Website: Go to, or the link given on War Room to “pay it forward” and/or get your own tickets. God’s children are not for sell.

The good people of this country need to take a stand against the opposition this movie is getting. This is a huge problem that people want to just dismiss it and not learn anything about the problem. If you are tempted to do that, just imagine if you or one of your children were trapped in the situation. Would you want as many people as you could get to help get that child back to its family?

The one thing that keeps this blight on humanity going is money. There is SO MUCH money involved in this “trade” that the cartels will do absolutely anything to cover it up and keep it going. People in high influential places are involved.

Jim Caviezel appeared on War Room with Steve Bannon to give inside information on how this movie is being received. It is no surprise to me that people are fighting against the movie coming out. I will post that segment when available.

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Watch ‘The Sound Of Freedom’: A Spotlight on the Global Movement to End the Trafficking of Minors

Original video.

Bannons War Room, 894K followers, 5/18/23

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