WATCH: Shocking Video Shows Maricopa County’s Fraudulent Signature Verification – Worker “Verifies” Signatures in LESS THAN 2 Seconds Per Signature

Original article. Unnecessary Mail-In Ballots must be eliminated from our election process!!! Even Marricorruption County said the signature verification process is subjective. Do you want your entire ballot potentially eliminated due to a subjective process? Or, even worse, do you want your votes stolen by obviously fraudulent ballots being included because of a subjective process?

By Jordan Conradson, May. 16, 2023 10:15 am, 1131 Comments

A new video reveals the truth about Maricopa County’s fraudulent signature verification by showing a signature verification worker approving mail-in ballot signatures in less than two seconds each.

The employee does not even appear to be looking at the signatures, but instead, clicking the mouse and accepting them at a rapid speed of close to one second each. This one individual verified almost 27,000 signatures in total.

According to data from the County, nearly 240,000 ballots were signature verified in less than three seconds each.

This is similar to findings in the stolen 2020 election. As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, due to the large volume of mail-in ballots in the 2020 election, the limited training of elections workers, and time restrictions, former Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich determined that 206,648 early ballot signatures were verified on November 4, 2020, with an average time of 4.6 seconds per signature.

Brnovich’s April 2022 report states, “the early ballot affidavit signature verification system in Arizona, and particularly when applied to Maricopa County, may be insufficient to guard against abuse.”

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Maricopa County attorney Joe La Rue admitted Friday that signature verification is “subjective” and “something of an art” that is open to the interpretation of whatever activist reviews the signature. “It’s not really an exact science,” stated La Rue.

The Gateway Pundit also reported yesterday that Lake attorneys revealed how Maricopa County intentionally caused 60% of tabulators in Maricopa County to fail on election day voters. “This election was rigged,” stated Lake attorney Kurt Olsen.

However, Judge Peter Thompson just dismissed Count II regarding intentional election day tabulator failures, despite newly discovered evidence that Maricopa County rigged the election and secretly tested voting machines to fail Republican voters. We reported this morning that Thompson reaffirmed a previous minute entry, setting trial dates for Kari Lake’s trial on the remanded fraudulent signature verification claims in her lawsuit against the 2022 election.

As noted by leftist hack journalist Garrett Archer, Lake must prove that misconduct by election officials and higher level signature verification employees occurred. He called it a “catastrophically high bar.”

However, there is evidence of this. The declaration below from Lake’s lawsuit states that Maricopa County Assistant Elections Director Celia Nabor appeared to be “desperate” to have rejected signatures approved. The signatures had already been rejected by all other levels of signature verification.

On the last day of work, November 15, we were asked by manager Celia to go through perhaps 5,000 to 7,000 ballots, that had already been rejected at levels 1, 2 and 3. We were asked to go to the SHELL program and to only find one signature that matched the green envelope, even if all other signatures in the program did not match the green envelope. The implication from Celia is that was desperate to get the work complete and that she wanted the ballots approved. These 5,000 to 7,000 ballots had already been through the full level 1, 2, and 3 process and been rejected. Therefore, I do not know why [we were] going through them again, and that is why it seemed that Celia wanted them approved.”

Nystrom Decl. ¶ 21.

Another declarant swore that “nothing prevented a level 1, 2, or 3 worke[r]” from approving insufficient signatures. “observers did not watch any level 3 work and did not watch most of level 2 work,” they state. 

Maricopa permitted any signature reviewer to un-reject ballots without accountability using curing stickers. Workers were able to obtain massive amounts of these stickers and use them to cure ballots without oversight. Onigkeit explained:

In order to perform the curing process, we were given a batch of stickers to place on a ballot, which included stickers with abbreviations. Some, but not all, of the ballot stickers and abbreviations were as follows: “VER” meant that we verified the voter’s information, and their ballot was approved to be counted, “WV” meant that a voter did not want to verify their ballot over the phone, and “LM” meant that we called the voter and left a message.

One of the problems with the stickers was that nothing prevented a level 1, 2 or 3 worke[r] from requesting a massive amount of “approved” stickers and placing them on ballots. Again, observers did not watch any level 3 work and did not watch most of level 2 work. Once stickers were placed on ballots, there was no record on the ballot or elsewhere to determine who placed the sticker there. We were told to not sign or initial the sticker, but to only date it. Accordingly, there was no way to know who placed “verified” stickers on ballots. The system was wide open to abuse and allowed for potential false placement of “verified” stickers without accountability.

Recall that, as The Gateway Pundit reported, Celia Nabor suddenly disappeared from the County’s payroll when attorneys for Shelby Busch and We The People AZ Alliance requested her deposition regarding signature verification.

Lake’s team demands “An opportunity to inspect Maricopa County ballots from the 2022 general election, including ballot signature envelopes and the corresponding signatures on file with Maricopa County, prior to trial.”

In the video below, one signature verification worker is seen “verifying” and accepting 71 ballot affidavits in a period of about 90 seconds. Compare this to the woman next to him who only approved 9 signatures in the same amount of time. 

The man on the left is motionless and clearly not comparing the signatures, while the woman on the right is attentively comparing and verifying the signatures. On the Maricopa County live feed, he appears to fall asleep on multiple occasions.

Watch below:

You are about to see 90 seconds of the signature verification process where one person is “verifying” signatures as fast as they can load, compared to the person sitting next to him.

80% of Arizona voters use mail in ballots that require signature verification. This is just one of many workers that “verified” hundreds of thousands of signatures at less than 3 seconds each.

This one individual verified almost 27,000 signatures in total.

Can we really trust our elections?

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