The Struggle for Conservatism in Arizona (multipart post)

Investigative Attorney John Thaler shows us that Arizona is the most corrupt state in our country in his book “Report To The Governor” (a MUST READ for every Arizonian). The lack of investigations and prosecutions after the revelation (2/23/23) further emphasizes that fact. This post will hopefully just point out some of the small struggles going on, because of that much larger problem. If you don’t know the TRUTH of what happened as a result of that presentation (the biggest part of the coverup), please take the time to check it out here. They also passed legislation to hide their documents from the public.

Table of Contents (Reverse Chronological Order)

  1. JUST IN: Kari Lake Files Bombshell Reply Brief in Election Fraud Lawsuit Exposing Maricopa County’s Lies – Moves That The Court Sanction Maricopa County
  2. The Arizona Corruption Cartel With John Harris Thaler | MSOM Ep. 863
  3. Maricopa County Republican Committee Refuses to Sign AZ GOP Unity Letter

JUST IN: Kari Lake Files Bombshell Reply Brief in Election Fraud Lawsuit Exposing Maricopa County’s Lies – Moves That The Court Sanction Maricopa County

Original article. Will the court do it’s job this time?

By Jordan Conradson, Nov. 22, 2023 9:45 am, 192 Comments

Kari Lake filed a new reply brief in the Arizona Supreme Court on Monday, calling Maricopa County out on their lies and asking the court to sanction County attorneys.

The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on the evidence of illegalities presented in Lake’s lawsuit. Newly discovered evidence shows that machine failures affecting tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of voters on election day were likely caused by intentional misconductUntested and misconfigured machine settings, printer settings, and ballot paper sizes utilized by Maricopa County caused machines at 60% of voting locations to fail on the day that Republicans turned out 3:1 to vote for Kari Lake and Republican candidates.

This caused massive lines and wait times for primarily Republican voters. Tens of thousands of voters, some of whom waited in line for hours, placed their ballots in the mysterious “door #3” to be allegedly counted off-site later. It is unclear how many Kari Lake voters decided just not to vote.

Kari Lake recently filed a Motion for Transfer in the Arizona Supreme Court, urging the court once again to consider “extraordinary new evidence presented in Lake’s motion for relief from judgment,” which was filed in May 2023. The new Motion for Transfer is based on “Maricopa’s admissions in its Answering Brief filed on October 25, 2023,” state Lake’s attorneys.

Still, Maricopa County falsely argues, “[a]bsolutely nothing has happened since the prior denial which would change the result of this Petition.”

In the October 25 filing, “Maricopa implicitly or affirmatively admitted it did not conduct its county L&A testing on its 446 vote-center tabulators on October 11, 2022 (the only announced day for statutory L&A testing) or after it replaced the memory cards,” argue Lake’s attorneys.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Maricopa County submitted a response to Lake’s Motion on Friday, claiming that tabulators were working exactly as intended and misrepresented the law to justify their sham Logic and Accuracy testing, which is meant to ensure that votes are tabulated correctly.

See: BREAKING: Maricopa County Files Response to Kari Lake – Claims Tabulators Were Working as Intended When 60% FAILED on Election Day

Lake’s attorneys contend that “Maricopa misleadingly cites Arizona law mandating the Secretary of State (“SoS”) to conduct L&A testing and ignores Arizona law mandating the county to conduct its own L&A testing. There are certificates for each.”

This is in response to Maricopa County’s recent admission that they did not test all tabulators with the reprogrammed software installed and used after logic and accuracy testing. Instead, Maricopa claims that the “final Election Program” passed the Secretary of State’s logic and accuracy testing, and that was enough to install the program on tabulators without public notice or testing to certify that machines accurately read and counted votes!

In doing this, they cite the law and requirements for the Secretary of State’s portion of logic and accuracy testing, which does not apply to Maricopa County. The Elections Procedures Manual clearly states that logic and accuracy testing must be conducted by counties on “all voting equipment prior to each election.”

Maricopa County further claims it “tested all of its tabulators on October 4 through 10, 2022,” then reprogrammed the machines with reformatted memory cards that “passed the Secretary’s logic and accuracy testing, on October 14 through 18.” However, these dates do not coincide with Maricopa County’s public notice of Logic and Accuracy testing on October 11 or the Arizona Secretary of State’s October 11 certificate of Logic and Accuracy testing. Even if Maricopa County’s claims are true, they did not give the required public notice for political parties and observers for their secret testing.

Lake’s attorneys argue that Maricopa “misleadingly conflates” the law regarding Logic and Accuracy testing with the intention of “misleading the Court.”

“Maricopa’s failure to conduct L&A testing in accordance with A.R.S. § 16-449 and the EPM is also a criminal violation,” The filing states.

Read the County’s public notice dated October 7 and the Secretary of State’s “Logic and Accuracy Equipment Certificate dated October 11:

The relevant court filings can be found in chronological order in our report here.

Lake’s team does not currently have a right to file a reply to Maricopa County’s response brief in this matter. Therefore, it is attached to a motion requesting the Arizona Supreme Court grant leave to file it.

The filing concludes with a request for sanctions against the County, citing their “repeated and deliberate mischaracterizations of the record and Arizona law.”

Lake’s attorneys have been sanctioned numerous times for challenging the election and now face disbarment.

“This Court should transfer and expeditiously hear this case. In addition, given Maricopa’s repeated and deliberate mischaracterizations of the record and Arizona law, Lake respectfully moves that the Court sanction Maricopa and award Lake her costs associated with this brief.”

Read the full brief below:

Kari Lake’s Reply in Support of Petition to Transfer – November 20, 2023 by Jordan Conradson on Scribd

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The Arizona Corruption Cartel With John Harris Thaler | MSOM Ep. 863

Original video. Let’s see the perp walks so we can finally secure the elections (see the former Rep Liz Harris bills which WILL secure the elections).

John Harris Thaler rips the lid off the corruption going on in Maricopa County and beyond with money laundering, fraud, bribery, election rigging, and cartel crimes.


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Maricopa County Republican Committee Refuses to Sign AZ GOP Unity Letter

Original video.

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