Watch: Officers Arrest Woman in Front of Her Crying Children for Allegedly Failing to Show Vaccination Status during a Public Activity at the Arena

Original article.  Just a preview of what is coming if we don’t stop the spread of Communism.  How many times have we heard “My body my choice” from Demos?  And, this DOES NOT involve a second person.
By Jim Hoft
Published October 2, 2021 at 8:05 am  22 Comments

CANADA – Police officers arrested a woman in front of her crying children due to violation of the ‘Trespass to Property Act’ at the request of the facility manager of Ripley Arena according to the police officers.

In a viral video posted by Josh Dawson, the police officers were caught on camera arresting his wife Sara who allegedly trespassed a public activity that was paid for by the couple.

Josh said on his Facebook account that the officers were fine with him not providing his vaccination status but not his wife.

Rebel News reported:

video posted on Facebook shows two OPP officers arresting a woman in front of her crying children at a sports arena, allegedly for not providing her vaccination status.

In the video, Dawson insists that the group is participating in a public activity at the Ripley-Huron Community Centre, which is about three hours east of Toronto. The officers state that the woman is in violation of the Trespass to Property Act, and that they have come at the request of the facility manager.

The officers arrest the woman in front of her children, who begin to cry, and take her outside to their cruisers. Dawson follows, saying that a mandate is not a law, and then returns back into the arena where the children are still visibly upset.

In a later comment, responding to a question about how Sara was doing, Dawson said: “The Kincardine OPP detachment drove Sara in cuffs to the Ripley Public School, issued her a $65 ticket alleging trespassing, drove her back to the Ripley Arena, and told her she’s banned from the arena.”


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