New to the Crime of the Century issue?

If you are trying to learn about the extent of fraud in the 2020 Election, the following links should help you get “Up-To-Speed.”  We will try to keep this post at least on the first page of the list of current posts so that new-comers to the site can easily find it.  The bottom line is that you can have secure elections or you can have voting machines.  You CAN NOT have both!!  This post is currently a work-in-progress.

There are reasons that you did not know about the major fraud that occurred in every state in the 2020 election.  Censorship (Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) together with the Cancel Culture (threats to FoxNews, NewsMax etc.) has almost silenced the truth.  Mike Lindell has been one of those attacked the most.  However, rather than being silenced he invested many $Millions of his own money to fight back. is a major accomplishment of that effort.  It is currently the best source of uncensored truth.  You can find its programing here.  There are also stores and other channels including entertainment channels on that site.

Two of the real news agencies still reporting the truth are One America News (OAN), and Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN).